3 Steps to Avoid Burnout, According to Jesus

Is your Christmas tree down yet? I have a friend who kept her tree up last year until April! She would report in weekly if she had taken it down and it was so funny…and so relatable!  

We’re busy, right? We’ve got stuff — jobs, family, responsibilities. Our lives can feel like one big revolving door! You know, just when you get done with one thing, here comes another!

3 steps to avoid burnout image

So, when I read Mark 6:31, I thought it could have been my friend’s Twitter post during those weeks she was just too busy to get her Christmas tree down! Or, quite honestly, I thought it could have been my own Facebook status or maybe even yours! Here it is:

For there were many people coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat. Mark 6:31 NASB

3 Reasons You Will Want to Read Scripture This Year

Do you need some guidance as you enter this new year? How about wisdom and peace? Well, I’ve got great news! They are yours for the taking!

Here’s what I mean.

You can easily find a million good reasons to read Scripture this year. But I’ve discovered three reasons that are especially good because each one is a promise. And each promise meets needs we all have, now and throughout the year. That’s right – the needs for guidance, wisdom, and peace.

3 reasons to read Scripture image

So, here are three biblical reasons you will want to read Scripture this year. And at the end, I share some of my favorite apps to help you do just that. (Oh, and you’ll find a fun giveaway at the end!)