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If you’re here, it means you’re curious about JenniFriends – the group with the inside scoop. I just can’t thank you enough for stopping by. And, I’m hoping many of you will become a JenniFriend. Read more and sign up below.


So what is a JenniFriend?

Well, I’m looking for a group of buddies who will help me share the message God has given me … the message that you can live beyond limits.

That also means, a JenniFriend is the first to know and the first to offer your insights and prayers when it comes to book titles I’m pondering, struggles I’m experiencing in the writing process and just about anything that a girl needs another girlfriend to weigh in on.

And because this is the inside-scoop-group, I won’t always take the time to make sure everything I share with you includes a lot of polish — you may get the unedited-Jennifer…but please overlook the typos… because I sure do! Ha! Get it?!

Plus, I’ll provide extra stuff like free downloads, special offers and other fun perks exclusively for JenniFriends. It doesn’t cost you a thing.

All I ask is that you be as active as you can in sharing my message with others – in a natural sort of way.

What do JenniFriends do? 

  • A JenniFriend helps multiply the message by helping spread the word about my new resources.
  • A JenniFriend does what she can to share, pin, tweet, email, and give shout outs.
  • A JenniFriend may write a review or a blog post about my newest book or Bible study.
  • A JenniFriend interacts with me and Jaclyn, my assistant, on an exclusive FB private page.
  • A JenniFriend is a partner in ministry and an honorary sister who Jennifer Rothschild is stark, raving grateful for!

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As a Jennifriend, you will receive a welcome email from me with links to the private Facebook page.  I’ll also give you more information about what it means to be in the group with the inside scoop.

You may unsubscribe at any time.  But why would you want to – we’re going to have fun and help make a difference in our world.

With love,