Crazy and Amazing – FGF Highlights, Elkhart, IN

Our third Fresh Grounded Faith spring conference just wrapped up and what an amazing conference it was! My cup runneth over.

Crazy and Amazing – FGF Highlights, Elkhart, IN jpg

Thank you to Veronica Sherman for the beautiful photos! To see the entire Facebook photo album, click here. For those of you who joined in the photo booth fun, you can access your photos here.

Everything about Elkhart was amazing, and some of it was a little crazy! A sold-out conference of sold-out women for the Lord!

We’re so grateful to First Baptist Church Elkhart and our nine co-host churches for hosting us. Senior Pastor Phil and Robin Byars of FBC Elkhart were so kind and hospitable. He opened the conference with a warm welcome, encouraging all of the women, and applauding the beautiful unity in the body of Christ.

2 Ways to Renew Your Mind Daily

My dad always told me that confession is good for the soul. Maybe … but it can also be very bad for the reputation. Even so, I’m risking my reputation with you by letting you in on a little secret.

Ready? Here goes.

2 Ways to Renew Your Mind Daily jpg

I have an obsession … with the burners on my stove. I’m driven to keep them spotless and gleaming.

Now that I own a gas stove, this dysfunctional issue may not require therapy, but it wasn’t always this way. I once hovered over the burners on my electric range—the pans, rims, and surface beneath were all targets of my compulsion.

Now, before you put me on your prayer list, let me explain.

4 Scriptures for When You Need a Personal God

Do you have any special memories that come up when you read, hear, or think of Psalm 23?

Maybe it was granny’s favorite Psalm. Or maybe it was read at the funeral of someone you love. You may have seen it on a plaque or memorized it as a child.

This passage stirs up all sorts of emotions, doesn’t it?

4 Scriptures for When You Need a Personal God jpg

David, who wrote this Psalm, tells us in the first verse, “The Lord is my…” He then finishes it with “shepherd.”

Think about the word “my.” The verse doesn’t say that the Lord is “a” shepherd or “our” shepherd. It says He is “my” shepherd. To me, “my” means personal possession.

4 Practical Ways to Improve Any Relationship

We once had some really odd neighbors. Odd is not an insult, I promise! Sadly, “odd” really is my accurate neighborly analysis. It’s the only way to say it—and here’s why.

4 Practical Ways to Improve Any Relationship jpg

Every fall, a crudely constructed cardboard sign showed up in my neighbors’ front yard. They wrote across it in black magic marker, “Love Potion #9 for Sale.” It wasn’t a joke—at least not to them. The rest of us, well, we had no idea what it was or why they were selling it!

We wondered if this potion would help someone fall in love with you, or maybe it was the perfect formula to help you get those long-lost lovin’ feelings back into your relationship.

The 4 C’s of Bible Study

I don’t know how it is with you when you read Scripture, but often my mind wanders.

You know, one second I am reading about Moses on Mt. Sinai, and the very next second I am wondering where my black yoga pants are and why my mail is now being delivered at 3:00 instead of noon! Can I get a witness?

The 4 C's of Bible Study jpg

Sometimes focus is hard.

So, here is an easy (and by easy, I mean easy) way to stay focused as you read Scripture.

Not a Whole Lot of Shaking Going On – FGF Highlights, Port Charlotte, FL

“What shakes you doesn’t have to break you. God can use it to make you unshakeable!” That’s how I began Fresh Grounded Faith Port Charlotte this past weekend. Oh girl, what a fantastic group of women showed up to Murdock Baptist Church in Port Charlotte!


Thank you to Bob Heaton for the beautiful photos! To see the entire Facebook photo album, click here. For those of you who joined in the photo booth fun, you can access your photos here.

We had fun and got into God’s Word. We talked about biblical habits that bring balance when our world feels wobbly and we learned practical ways to focus our faith when we feel unstable.

How to Live Loved

Today I’m welcoming my friend, Wendy Blight, to have coffee with us and share from her new Bible study on 1 John, I Am Loved: Walking in the Fullness of God’s Love. Plus, she’s giving away a copy to one of you wonderful women below! See why I love her? You will too, sister, so get ready, get set, and let’s go … let’s learn how to live loved.

In 1 John 3:16, John tells us to love one another.

Easy to say, but, oh, so hard to do.

How to Live Loved jpg

Yet God clearly calls us to this. Why?

Because God knows there are people in this world who’ll never walk through the doors of a church, join a neighborhood Bible study, or attend a Christian conference. But, they will encounter His people, women like you and me. And through us, they’ll experience God’s love. His beautiful, pure, unconditional love.

The Joy of the Lord Was Our Strength – FGF Highlights Hattiesburg, MS

Have you ever walked into a room where you could just feel the joy, and you knew there was some kind of happy buzz among all the people around you? Well, if you were at Fresh Grounded Faith in Hattiesburg this past weekend, your answer is a big happy yes!

The Joy of the Lord Was Their Strength – FGF Highlights Hattiesburg, MS jpg

Thank you to Cassidy Monk for the beautiful photos! To see the entire album on Facebook click here. For those of you who joined in the photo booth fun, you can access your photos here.

Girl, the women who attended FGF Hattiesburg were happy, happy, happy! It was deeper than the buzz you get from sweet tea and deeper than the happy that comes from a sunshiny day.

Why Healing Is Just Not Enough for Me

Sometimes it takes a thorn to show us how healing is just not enough.

We all have thorns. And I’m not talking about the kind that show up on roses in your garden! I’m talking about the kind of thorns that show up in our lives. Situations that hurt. Circumstances that are hard. Difficult things in our lives that don’t seem to come or go away on our timetables.

Why Healing Is Just Not Enough for Me jpg

For me, blindness is a never-ending, constantly-challenging, fatigue-inducing thorn. I can’t deny it: It hurts. I’ve often longed—and prayed—for it to go away. It hasn’t yet.

You got thorns. I got thorns. All God’s girls got thorns!

This whole “thorn” concept came from the apostle Paul. Paul asked God to remove what he called his “thorn in the flesh” (2 Corinthians 12:8). He evidently struggled with some difficult circumstance that he really wanted changed.

2 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Hot dogs. I do not like hot dogs. I’m sorry if you are a “dog” lover, but I just can’t stomach the things!

That is, except when I was pregnant with both of our sons. Oh, girl, then I actually craved hot dogs. I couldn’t get enough of them, and personally downed a minimum of a pack a week.

2 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone jpg

For all my experience with the fabulous franks, however, I had no idea that I really didn’t know how to eat them! I learned, though. Boy, did I learn!

And it was my son, Connor, who taught me—back when he was only four years old.