We Leaned Hard on Christ – FGF Highlights, Shelbyville, KY

I just love when it’s Fresh Grounded Faith season! We kicked off our first event this fall in Shelbyville, Kentucky. What a great weekend full of joy!

We Leaned Hard on Christ – FGF Highlights, Shelbyville, KY jpg

Thank you to Amy Hanlon for the beautiful photos. To see the entire Facebook photo album, click here. For those of you who joined the photo booth fun, you can view your photos here.

The women in Shelbyville were unshakeable! Together, we dropped our gravel strength and leaned hard on the Rock who is Christ—and you can be sure we weren’t disappointed! God did great things!

Can I Get a Handle on My Negative Self-Talk? [Episode 3]

Can I Get a Handle on My Destructive Self-Talk? [Episode 3] jpg

I had carved out time in the middle of a busy week to travel 30 minutes downtown to apply for a passport.

After waiting in a long line, I turned in my application and photo only to hear a lethargic and impatient clerk ask, “Where’s your birth certificate? You can’t get a passport without a birth cert—”

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll get it. I’ll come back.”

Can I Live Less Overwhelmed? [Episode 2]

Can I Live Less Overwhelmed [Episode 2]

On a crisp fall morning, I sat with my precious friend and writing assistant, Karen, in her upstairs office. Phil was out of town, and we planned to work on some new book proposals together.

I had started writing my first book just one year earlier and now found myself on a fast track. I wasn’t sure if I was driving, being driven, or a combination of the two. In addition, my travel schedule had swollen with opportunities that I didn’t feel I could or should turn down.

Can I Overcome Fear With Faith? [Episode 1]

Can I Overcome Fear With Faith? [Episode 1] jpg

I remember the summer before I went off to college. My mom and I spent every day preparing me to go.

We shopped for a new wardrobe and bought furnishings for my dorm room, including a much-coveted rainbow comforter. I also spent several weeks in “mobility training”—that is, learning to walk with a cane so that I would be as self-sufficient as possible in my new setting.

What In the World Is the 4:13 Podcast? [Introduction]

Why the 4:13 Podcast? On this introduction episode, you will discover how 4:13 has helped blind author and speaker Jennifer Rothschild navigate the inevitable “can’t” of blindnessand how it can help you be and do more than you feel capable of.

On the 4:13 Podcast, we will get real about life’s not so simple moments and learn to apply 4:13 to whatever we face!

Learn more at 413podcast.com.