She Said She Never Should’ve Come [FGF Highlights]

She had a hard time walking. She was winded when she made it into the conference and said “I knew it. I never should’ve come.”

But she made it in and found her seat. Fresh Grounded Faith began with Michael O’Brien filling the room with praise.


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It was hard for her to sing along because she was short of breath. She didn’t want to stand because her legs were  weak. But, she stood and sang.

FGF Prestonwood Highlights: Felt Like Coming Home

Last week we had a Fresh Grounded Faith conference in Plano, Texas at Prestonwood Baptist Church. And, being there almost felt like coming home in a way.

I didn’t realize it before going, but so many old friends were at the conference! We saw friends from our college days at Palm Beach Atlantic University and friends from our years of ministry when we lived in Florida as newlyweds. Somehow they all seemed to end up in Dallas! ha! Isn’t it neat how God interweaves our stories and let’s our paths cross?

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FGF Highlights: Sermons Don’t Change Lives

“Sermons don’t change your life, sentences do.”  That’s what my pastor, John Marshall, says. Great thought, huh? He heard it from another pastor, shared it with us, and now I’m sharing it with you!

I also shared that phrase both Friday night and Saturday morning with the 1300 women gathered at Fresh Grounded Faith Lubbock last weekend.

I challenged them to listen for just one sentence in my messages and Lysa TerKeurst’s messages – just one sentence that God could use to change them.

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The result was so inspiring.  Women shared with me sentence after sentence God had written on their hearts and I was so, so grateful and inspired. Isn’t it neat how God speaks to each of us individually in different ways? And, our worship leader Michael O’Brien also offered up some great sentences too that really stuck with me.

So…wanna hear some of them?

Stress or Confess?

Isn’t it amazing how God uses stress to make Himself more real to us?

All God's Promises

Saturday morning, I had a choice. Tucked away in my nice, warm bed, a sudden bolt of terror hit me like lightening, and I had to choose: Stress or confess?

Because it happened. On the second morning of our last and biggest Fresh Grounded Faith event of our whole year, my alarm clock decided to take a day off.

You can imagine the morning that followed.

What Every Tired Woman Needs To Do

You know the feeling of when your body is tired but your soul is wide awake? Well, that’s how I feel! I am the best kind of tired; worn-out from a full schedule, but filled up by all the blessings that come with it.

I am smack dab in the middle of our last two Fresh Grounded Faith events. We just got home from Evansville, Indiana and we are heading into our last event this weekend in Springfield, Missouri–my hometown!

We caught a glimpse of the faith-filled men praying over FGF-Evansville. God heard those prayers!

We caught a glimpse of the faith-filled men praying over FGF-Evansville. God heard those prayers!

What Gutsy Really Looks Like

Her name is Sharon. I met her in South Bend, Indiana.

Sharon signed up as a volunteer to help at Fresh Grounded Faith a few months ago. Everything was going well until a week before the event. Her husband had a heart attack. Suddenly, without warning, he was gone.

Compassion 2

I didn’t expect to meet Sharon after hearing her story. I would have completely understood why she would have chosen not to volunteer or even attend the event with such a recent, life-altering loss.

Eli Took a Gutsy Dare

Eli travels with us to our Fresh Grounded Faith conferences, and is such a HOOT! We love him. He is a representative from Compassion International, one of my all-time favorite causes and one we like to talk about at FGF.

I surprised him on stage with an opportunity … okay, a dare.

photo 3
I asked him, in front of all the women so he couldn’t say no, if the ladies sponsored 50 kids, would he wear one of our Gutsy Girl tee shirts on stage?

The women roared with approval. He reluctantly agreed.

Well, since that went so well, I decided to step up the wager. I asked him, if the women sponsor 60 women, would he stand on stage in his new shirt and sing for us?

The women roared even louder. I’m afraid the poor guy had no choice but to agree!