If Any Woman Be in Spanx

Last Fall, I stood in my closet and pulled some pants off the rack.  Once again it was time to choose the clothes I would wear for speaking.The problem was, some of the pants I hadn’t worn since the last fall.  So, reluctantly I tried on the first pair.

What had happened?  They were a bit snug.  So, I tried on the second pair.

What had happened?  They too were a little snug—actually a lot snug!   Either they shrunk or I increased!

I stepped on my talking scale to hear if my weight had increased. It announced the same weight I was the last Fall I wore these pants? Could my scale be off?

What Does Jesus See When He Looks at You?

If I were placed in the pages of Scripture – Mark chapter 10 to be exact – I would probably notice the young, good-looking man who Jesus was talking to.

(Okay… if I were able to see, that is! But, hey, in my imagination I’m not blind…I see 20/20!)

I think I’d notice he was rich by the clothes he wore.

I would see clearly that He was successful by the way he spoke and carried himself.

I would certainly notice he was young.

It would be obvious he was curious based on the questions he asked Jesus.

What would you see? Do you think that’s what Jesus saw?


How to Make Your Coffee Taste Even Better?

Attention coffee drinkers and those who love them:

Okay all you coffee lovers, I have a great tip for you today. I learned recently how to freshen up your coffee grounds to make a magnificent cup of Joe (if I do say so myself!)

My friend Angela learned from her friend Brandy that when you buy coffee that’s already ground, you should grind it again! Now, that’s a mouth full!

What You Never Knew About Female Employees

What would you say if I told you the following statements were facts?

Young married women are more responsible than single gals. Older women tend to be fussy if they never worked outside the home. Husky girls are more even tempered than skinny ones. And, a girl has more confidence and is more efficient if she can keep her hair tidied and fresh lipstick applied during her work day.

Would you say I’m crazy? Would you say I’m out of touch or politically incorrect?!
Or would you say I’ve been influenced by an article written in July 1943 about women in the work place?!

Here’s How You Can Get Your Free Audio Book

In ministry you always need people to come along beside you, encourage you, link arms with you and help you get the word out about the message God has laid on your heart. I feel so blessed because God has given me 70 women (so far) who have doing just that.  They are my Missing Pieces Launch Team! <insert happy dance>

Over the next few weeks they will be telling their friends, family, hairdresser, garbage man, cashiers, mail carrier, kids teacher…(oops, I’m getting carried away) about my latest Bible study Missing Pieces: Real Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense.

And girlfriends, you too can join them!

My Visit With 50 Cats

My Dr. Phil and I recently went on a cruise — just the two of us. It was so fun just to be together and relax and eat…eat…eat…eat…and eat some more! Well, you know…It’s a cruise!

The first port on our cruise was Key West, Florida.

Phil and I rented a scooter and put-putted about the island.

My favorite stop…The Hemingway Home nestled in the heart of Old Town Key West.

If you have read my blogs for a while you won’t be surprised! I do have a thing for dead authors! Novelist Ernest Hemingway lived and wrote here for more than ten years beginning in 1931.We stepped back in time as we meandered through the rooms and gardens that witnessed the most prolific period of this Nobel Prize winner’s writing career.

I’m Wishing My Dr. Phil a Happy 26th Anniversary

Well, as of today, my Dr. Phil and I have been married 26 years! Woohoo!

The first year was growing and good.

The next few were rocky and hard.

The following decade was steady and settling down.

The last ten years have been the best yet!

We have both grown; done our share of compromising and apologizing! We have become tougher and more tender; more affectionate and less selfish. And, we hopefully have decades more to perfect our union.

We just celebrated my parent’s 50th Anniversary and I want to be like them someday. When my Mom was handed the microphone at their reception, she looked at my Dad and said, “I want to thank God for the last 50 years with this beautiful and wonderful man.”

Well, I want to thank God for the past 26 years with this…quirky, funny, smart, goofy, loyal, resourceful, faithful, sweet, charming man! He really pursues God and still romances me.

Happy Anniversary, Honey! I love you!


Check out our wedding album from August 9, 1986…we had a lot more hair then! (Phil put this together last year to celebrate our 25th Anniversary.)

What are some fun ways you have celebrated you anniversary? Leave a comment here.

If You Have Missing Pieces, There Is an Answer

Get a Free Chapter and Video – see “Three Things” at the bottom of this page

Dear Friend,

Have you ever asked these questions? Does God care? Is He fair? Is He even there? Although you may think you know all the right answers, sometimes they don’t always feel right.

Quick Sunday School answers were not enough for me.

Let Not Your Heart Be Truffled: Chocolate Recipes

I’m sharing some Chocolate Recipes, and I would love to share yours with the world of Missing Pieces, and beyond.

Those of you who know me well, know there is nothing that melts my taste buds more than sinking my teeth into a piece of dark chocolate. In fact, you could dip just about anything in dark chocolate, and I would eat it – and I’m not kidding!

Just like chocolate sends my taste buds into overload, life sometimes send us into overload. As Forrest Gump would say, “Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.”

See the box of chocolates above. It’s on the delicious-looking back cover of my newest Bible study – Missing Pieces: Real Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense. Yummy looking, huh?

While the chocolate in the picture, doesn’t have a lot of substance, I can assure you the Bible Study does.

But just for fun, let’s share some Chocolate Recipes.