HOSEA: Unfailing Love Changes Everything [Bible Study Leader Kit w DVDs]

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The book of Hosea – it’s a deeply personal and passionate love story, yet it’s a difficult story. As an account full of harsh judgment unfolds, we find in its midst a rare and pure gem: the truest and purest of loves.

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Product Description

Participants who take this study will:

  •     Evaluate the idols in your life and how we are prone to wander away from God
  •     Evaluate corrupt thinking and adjust to correct thinking of God’s Word
  •     Focus on how God responds, redeems, and restores us
  •     Learn how to step out of slavery and into freedom in Christ
  •     Can be used by the new or inexperienced Bible study students or by those who are more familiar with the Scriptures

Benefits for Leaders:

  •     Leaders can be assured of a trusted teacher in every group
  •     Opportunity for multiple leaders or facilitators
  •     Expand the learners’ understanding of the Book of Hosea
  •     Personal spiritual growth and interactive study for completing an entire book of the Bible
  •     Dig deeper into Scripture with a group as they learn together

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Member Book with leader helps
  • 2 DVDs which include a video content for seven sessions, a message to leaders, and a promotional video to help spread the word about the study


  •     Interactive teaching video approximately 25-30 minutes each week
    • Session 1 – [32:22]
    • Session 2 – [28:10]
    • Session 3 – [30:13]
    • Session 4 – [27:30]
    • Session 5 – [25:24]
    • Session 6 – [35:23]
    • Session 7 – [21:35]
  •     Leader material (guides to questions and discussion with small group)
  •     7 group sessions, 6 weeks of homework to complete between group sessions

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Don’t forget the Member Books that go with this study!

VIEW Session I here.

11 reviews for HOSEA: Unfailing Love Changes Everything [Bible Study Leader Kit w DVDs]

  1. :

    The ladies of our church in Pembroke, Ontario Canada, just completed your study on Hosea.

    I just wanted to let you know that I loved this study. Hosea is the first study of yours I have facilitated. Actually, the only material of yours I have ever read. You are an inspiration! You made that story alive to me. I too look forward to one day meeting Gomer and hearing the rest of her story.

    I look forward to reading more of your books and doing more of your studies in the future.

  2. :

    I just completed the Hosea bible study with my mentor at our local church. I want you to know that this study has been so incredibly helpful during my time of growth and healing from a tremendous hurt. Your Hosea study has renewed and filled my cup and I remember that I don’t have to live in shame any more. God has forgiven me and now it’s time to believe and live in that truth.

  3. :

    We are midway through your Hosea study and I wanted you to know that we absolutely LOVE it!! When the two other co-leaders and I decided after prayer and discussion to tackle Hosea, we found help through your wonderful study! You have a true gift for teaching and all the ladies feel like this is one of the best studies we have ever done. Thank you for helping each one of us understand this very important, yet easy to bypass, book of the Bible! Your videos are a perfect combination of clear explanation, relevant analogies, humor and grace.

    I am sure many women tell you this, but you feel like a long-time friend to us.

  4. :

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved this Bible study. I was never happy in my own skin, always wanting to be somewhere else or be someone else. This study has helped me get over so many things I was still hanging on to–most importantly, the insecurity I feel always trying to be someone I’m not to fit in or to be liked. Never feeling really good enough and feeling like I’m not smart enough, constantly comparing myself to others. I’m learning through God to love myself as He loves me and thanks to you and this study I’m learning even more. May God bless you as you have blessed others and continue to do so.

  5. :

    Thank you for writing such a powerful study on the book of Hosea. I am in dark season of my life right now. Your study has shown me how God loves me unconditionally and that He sees me as worthy and significant. I have also learned how to forgive as God forgives. Your walk and your writings are such a blessing to the Kingdom! Thank you for being who God called you to be.

  6. :

    Jennifer, as a small group leader at my church (women’s ministries), I just have to tell you that your study on Hosea is (I don’t really have words)……beyond my anticipated wonder why I was going to study Hosea. I have never felt the love of God more powerful, more encouraging, more satisfying, etc etc then I feel right now as I prepare for the last chapter. This, by far, is the best study I’ve ever experienced. God Bless you……It has changed my life!

  7. :

    I had a chance to lead a group through your Hosea Bible study and it really helped a lot of women forgive themselves for past mistakes and cling to God’s grace. I have to admit I was not sure about studying Hosea, but it was a huge blessing and renewed my passion for leading other women. Thank you!

  8. :

    I have learned and grown so much through my understanding of God’s word from this teaching. Never thought before about a lot of “things” in my life as well as myself as being idols. This was the first time I had heard you teach since I am newer to Bible Studies and I hated to see this end. You are a beautiful person in all ways and I thank God for your gift and sharing it with me! Amen, from a Gomer girl.

  9. :

    I can’t say thank you enough for this Bible Study. It truly has changed me. I have started so many other Bible studies (some I finished, others I did not) and never felt or looked at them as how they may relate to me, here and now. In other studies I felt as if they were teaching only the book at the time frame that it was set in. But this one hit home in so many ways! I have always felt unworthy and undeserving of love but God has used you to show me that He loves me and accepts me just as I am! I have learned to embrace the love of God in a way I never imagined before. Thank you so very much!

  10. :

    We are completing your video study on Hosea. About 300 women & myself have learned so much from God & you about a book I would have never thought of doing a study on. Thank you! You have equipped us more than I could ever understand about the depths of God’s love for us in our sinful nature.God’s plan of redemption through Christ & the power of His Holy Spirit. You brought heartfelt love & tears to my eyes with what you wrote on pages 152-153, week 6. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your gift of teaching God’s Word to disciple others so they in turn and reach others for Christ!

  11. 5 out of 5


    Jennifer, you have been given such a powerful gift; not only in your understanding of the Bible, but of the One who composed it for our sakes. Your transparency and capacity to connect deeply and honestly with each of us through your studies has helped me overcome years of disappointed sterile Bible study. .
    Hosea was a painful exercise for me in many ways; awakening me to the realities I had been blind to or running from for many years. But from those truths, a deeper understanding of God’s relentless love for me has finally begun to take root. This is no small thing; I have been seeking this connection for decades.
    Thank you for your tender, positive, but oh, so candid and truthful voice, in this wonderful study. Blessings and grace to you!

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