How We Customize a Women’s Event for Your Church

Pic of Jennifer and LucyYou must be one of my Bible Study girlfriends!

Jennifer here! First, thank you, thank you, thank you for doing my Bible study. I am so grateful to the Lord for connecting us! And as a fun bonus, meet Lucy* my diva-dog.

I love working alongside women in the local church! That’s why local churches are the heartbeat of the weekend women’s event that my team and I produce called Fresh Grounded Faith. In every city, we partner with a church to host the event, and then we also work closely with other churches in the area to bring a dream to fulfillment.

That’s how women like you are able to bring me and two friends to teach and share at a women’s event at your own church! We do virtually everything as we customize an event for you. An event filled with practical Bible teaching, incredible worship, and so much fun.

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Our prayer was for an event that not only ministered to the women inside the walls of our church, but would also reach deep into the surrounding communities and cities to bring other women and their friends and family that may not have a relationship with Jesus. We thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff of Fresh Grounded Faith, the amazing staff and talent.
– Kathy Bennett – Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church, Allen TX

Fresh Grounded Faith is a Friday night and Saturday morning event – no, really, it’s not an event – it’s an experience. An unforgettable experience where me and my friends take you and the women in your city on a journey through Bible study, laughter, and worship.

The Lord has been so good as we have traveled the country for the past 11 years, bringing Fresh Grounded Faith events to local churches. And, sister, we are in great anticipation for what He will do going forward – and we would love for you to be part of it!

So, if you’d like to have me and my friends come, we’ll show you how. We are booking the fall of 2019 right now.  (We have one or two dates available in the spring, too).

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Do you have a different date in mind? We’d still love to connect with you! Just let us know, and we’ll bring two other great speakers and/or musicians to join me for the event.

Here’s who we can (and do) invite to join me for this incredible weekend: Lysa TerKeurst, Lisa Whelchel, Candace Cameron Bure, Margaret Feinberg, Katherine Wolf,  Laura Story, Ann Voskamp, Liz Curtis Higgs, Karen Abercrombie (Miss Clara of the War Room movie), Karen Kingsbury, Sheila Walsh, Michael O’Brien, Meredith Andrews, Laura Story, Charles Billingsley, and Kristin and Keith Getty.

All of these folks have been with me for a Fresh Grounded Faith weekend. From experience, I can promise you’ll love any combination of these friends!


As my team and I have visited with host churches, we’ve found that there are three common questions:

How much does it cost? Usually, the expense out of your ministry budget will be less than $1000. We cover almost everything. Really! Now, you do need to buy tickets you will sell back to your women, but that money comes back to you.

How big does my church need to be? Most of the time, we need churches of 800 seats or more. But, we do have opportunities to work with smaller churches, too. If you’re interested, just introduce yourself here and we’ll share more information.

What is our secret sauce?  Well, that’s a secret, until you Introduce Yourself.  We have produced almost 100 Fresh Grounded Faith Events in churches of all shapes and sizes across the country.  [We also did an FGF on a Cruise for our 10th Anniversary – so I guess you can see we’ve gone international :)]

The point is we’ve learned a few things along the way and we’ve put together an “award-winning” step-by-step Planning Tool Kit we walk through with you.

OH. MY. GOODNESS. Fresh Grounded Faith was so much more than a conference. FGF was a gift to us and our local churches. Volunteer teams from so many different churches became friends and worked together with laughter and hugs and they just really meshed together in Jesus’ name to prepare this place for God to move… and HE DID. Beautiful things unfolded and there are just no words to describe it. This is a team truly serving and honoring God.
Shannon Calhoun – The Church at Rock Creek, Little Rock, AR

Okay now, before I overwhelm you with too much information, just click below to Introduce Yourself and one of my conference team members will follow up. We’d love to at least answer a few more questions right away.

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Sister, I love what you are doing to serve the women in your church and community. I hope we can connect at a Fresh Grounded Faith event one day. But if for some reason, we don’t, my prayer is that you will keep leading well. He who called you is Faithful.


Jennifer Rothschild

P.S. You might be thinking, “I’ll follow up later.” Let’s at least touch base now. We can talk about holding a date for you and begin reaching out to our special guests. We all book about a year in advance.

P.P.S. If we are new friends, you can learn more about my story in this brief video from the NBC Today Show

P.P.S And here’s a short video that will introduce you to a Fresh Grounded Faith Event.

*Note: technically the puppy in my arms is Lucy’s stunt double. Lucy was sick that day.