Now Available: Take Courage: A Study of Haggai [DVD Bible Study]

We all sometimes find ourselves in seasons of discouragement. Sometimes the landscape of our lives feels wrecked and our hope and sense of purpose are in shambles. But, God’s presence can make us brave. And His promises give us confidence when we need to press through and courageously trust and serve Him in whatever ways He calls us to.

As we study the book of Haggai together, you will find courage in the God who declares, “I am with you.”

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[BONUS] Can Humility Be the Bridge to the Racial Divide? With Nicole C. Mullen

Friends, we’re in such a tough season right now, aren’t we? There’s so much pain, frustration, and fear. I’ve been at a loss on how to respond outside of humility and heartbreak. So, I’ve read and listened to a lot, and I’ve asked God to protect me from pride that knows everything and from apathy or fear that shuts down and hides from everything.

Can I Overcome Past Hurts and Trust Again? With Phil Waldrep [Episode 95]

GIVEAWAY ALERT: You can win the new book, Beyond Betrayal, by Phil Waldrep, this week’s podcast guest. Keep reading to find out how.

We’ve all felt betrayed at some point in our lives and it sure does hurt. Betrayal has the potential to destroy our trust in people and dismantle our faith in God. It can leave us wounded and feeling powerless to move on. And, often, forgiveness and healing can take a lifetime.

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