The True Story Behind Why I Wrote
God is Just Not Fair

God is just not fair. Have you ever felt like that?

I sure have. I’ve lived that sentence over and over again. In fact, I even wrote a book titled God is Just Not Fair (Zondervan) and within the pages of the book bears my raw, honest heart.


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Here’s why I wrote God is Just Not Fair:

I was so tired of being blind. I wanted to quit more than I wanted to keep trying.

I desperately needed to know God was enough when my life was a mess.

I questioned everything I had ever believed about God.

I needed real hope because I had real pain and real questions.

I wrote this book because I am not the only one who has felt those feelings.

Writing this book was one of the most liberating and scary things I have ever done, because it is more honest and raw than I’ve ever been in a book before.

I wrote about experiences and fears and feelings and frustrations that no one in my family even knew about. In fact, that is part of the scariness… they will read about all the disturbing, troubling and difficult stuff along with you!

It is really hard to question God and still feel secure. It was hard for me to question God without feeling guilty for doing it.

I doubted His goodness, and then I even doubted His existence. Then I was mad at myself for doubting!

I was unmoored, unanchored.

I wrote this book because I am still tired of being blind, yet, totally comforted in my darkness by God’s companionship. I want that for you too.

I wrote this book because I don’t want to quit anymore. Yet, I don’t have to keep trying to feel better, be better. I want that for you too.

I wrote this book because when I most wanted to quit, God carried me and showed me how much He cared and that He could do in me and for me what I can’t do for myself. I want that for you too.


I wrote this book because God didn’t give me all the answer to my questions. God gave me something better…an encounter with Him. I want that for you too my friend.

I wrote this book because I’m convinced that God is just – not fair. He is just…right in all His ways. He is good, caring, present and knows how we feel when we hurt.

I wrote this book for you because you may too question everything you believe about God and I want to hold your hand and walk with you through the questions so you won’t feel insecure and guilty.

I wrote this book for you because you may desperately need to know God is enough when your life is a mess. Can I help anchor you through that confusion?

I thought I was writing this book for me. But, I think I also wrote it for you.

If you are stuck in questions of faith like why God allows pain, doesn’t heal, seemingly ignores your prayer…then I wrote this book for you.

If you want to understand more deeply Who God claims to be and why He behaves like He does… then you are who I wrote this book for.

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If you want to feel more comfortable in the mystery of faith…this book is for you.

Your pain matters; your questions matter…you matter.

If you read this book and it reminds you that you can trust God; if it lets you take a deep breath; if it replaces just one of your tears with hope…then all the hard stuff I navigated that eventually showed up on the pages of this book is so, so, so worth it to me.

You matter to me, that’s why I wrote this book…

I wrote this book for people like us; real people with real questions who need real hope when life doesn’t make sense.

As you can probably tell, I believe in this book. I know how healing it was for me to write it, and I pray it will encourage you and your friends.

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