Can I Get My Happy On? [Episode 63 With Max Lucado]

GIVEAWAY ALERT: You can win the book, How Happiness Happens, by Max Lucado, this week’s podcast guest! Keep reading to find out how.

Sometimes I can be so forgetful. Oh, girl, it’s bad sometimes. I forget my kids’ names. I forget phone numbers and appointments and birthdays.

Jennifer Spills the Beans With KC About Weathering the Storm [Episode 60 With KC Wright]

What happens when I block the door and don’t let KC out of the podcast closet without spilling the beans?

This episode of the 4:13 Podcast!

If you’ve ever attended one of my Fresh Grounded Faith women’s events, you know that my guests and I always “Spill the Beans” during one of the sessions. We take the stage with a stack of your questions and answer them unplanned.