Can I Fight Shame With the Word of God? With Scarlet Hiltibidal [Episode 307]

Fight Shame Word of God Scarlet Hiltibidal

You have the best weapon against shame … the Word of God. So today, author Scarlet Hiltibidal is back on the 4:13 to help you move beyond shame to the joy-inducing, peace-producing thrill that comes from a relationship with Jesus.

Scarlet will expose the sources of shame, give you scriptural strategies to combat them, and help you live in the light and victory of God’s Word. She’ll also explain the connection between shame and humility, helping you discover the deep, freeing truth that being undone is the right place to start.

Spill the Beans LIVE with Karen Kingsbury and Annie F. Downs at Fresh Grounded Faith Springfield, MO [Episode 306]

Spill the Beans LIVE Karen Kingsbury Annie F. Downs Fresh Grounded Faith Springfield, Missouri

Have you ever been with friends who make you laugh, make you grateful, and just plain make you a better person? Well, I was in Springfield, Missouri at a Fresh Grounded Faith event with two friends who do that for me: best-selling author Karen Kingsbury and podcaster extraordinaire, Annie F. Downs.

We spilled the beans about dating apps, how to help someone who is struggling with a loss, and how to love the season you’re in. Plus, we shared how to help someone when they’re having a panic attack and how to hold fast to God in your darkest hour.

Can I Overcome Sadness? [Episode 305]

overcome sadness summer sizzle

We’ve been doing a Summer Sizzle around here, which means for the past four weeks, we’ve enjoyed four of the hottest, most shared episodes on the 4:13. And for our final week, we’re taking you back to Episode 40: “Can I Overcome Sadness?”

Because we all find ourselves down in the dumps sometimes, don’t we? And there’s no quick fix for it—it’s not like you can prevent it or talk yourself out of it when it hits. So what do you do when you are just plain sad?

Can I Show Good Judgment Without Being Judgmental? [Episode 304]

show good judgment judgmental summer sizzle

It’s hot out there, but the podcast has been even hotter over the past few weeks as we’ve featured your most shared, hottest episodes on the 4:13! We’re calling these episodes our Summer Sizzle, and if you’ve missed any, be sure to go back and listen to them here.

Otherwise, get ready for another great throwback episode, this time to Episode 37: “Can I Show Good Judgment Without Being Judgmental?” Because none of us want to be “judgy,” but we do want to show good judgment, right?

Can I Trust God When Life Is Scary? [Episode 303]

trust God life scary summer sizzle

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We’re in the middle of our Summer Sizzle here on the 4:13 where we’re featuring your most shared episodes of the podcast. And today, we’re bringing back Episode 48: “Can I Trust God When Life is Scary?”, because we all face hard things and have to deal with life’s uncertainties. And when we’re hurting, our heads can become cloudy and our hearts so heavy that we feel we can’t bear the weight of our next decision.

Can I Respond Well to the Grown-Up Mean Girl? [Episode 302]

respond well grown up mean girl summer sizzle

It’s summer and it’s hot! So that means it’s time for another one of our hottest episodes on the 4:13 … or what we like to call “Summer Sizzle.”

We’re featuring your most shared episodes of the podcast, and that includes Episode 46: “Can I Respond Well to the Grown-Up Mean Girl?”

You know she’s out there, because sometimes the mean girl doesn’t quite grow up—she just grows into a mean woman. So in this episode, you’ll get four ways to manage the emotions a grown-up mean girl brings out of you and learn to respond with maturity.