Can I Live Well in My New Now? With Nicki Koziarz [Episode 243]

Live Well New Now Nicki Koziarz

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In the space between no longer and not yet is the “new now.” It’s a place of transition where we can feel so lost and alone. And if a new direction doesn’t come right away, it can feel like we’re stuck in a cycle of purposeless days.

But today, author and Bible teacher Nicki Koziarz will help you find direction for today by shedding light on the types of seasons a transition can bring. She’ll help you embrace where you are right now so you can live well on the road between what was and what will be.

Can I Stop Running on Empty and Get Filled? With Amy Seiffert [Episode 242]

Stop Running Empty Get Filled Amy Seiffert

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Are you getting by on a diet of spiritual junk food? We’re consuming, we’re filling up, we’re taking in, but at the end of the day, our souls are still starving. So how is it that we’re constantly being filled but left unsatisfied and spiritually empty?

Well, it’s often because we turn to our phones, social media, and a million other little things to find joy, fulfillment, peace, and purpose.

Can I Take Care of Myself Without Being Selfish? With Janice McWilliams [Episode 241]

take care self unselfish Janice McWilliams

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Do you ever practice self-care? It’s one of those things that’s often pushed aside because we think we don’t have time. Or sometimes it’s avoided entirely with the idea that self-care is selfish.

But today’s guest, therapist and spiritual director Janice McWilliams, shares how self-care is necessary! And you don’t have to wait until you’re exhausted and completely depleted to begin.

Can I Live Loved? With Lisa Bevere [Episode 240]

Live Loved Lisa Bevere

It’s time to discover the beautiful truth of how God thinks about you. God doesn’t just tolerate you; He loves you fiercely, and His thoughts toward you are full of grace and mercy.

Understanding this truth changes everything, my friend!

So today, author Lisa Bevere shines a spotlight on God’s audacious love for you. And when you get a glimpse of His love, it will give you a boost of confidence grounded in your identity and your relationship with Him.

Spill the Beans LIVE with Kelly Minter at Fresh Grounded Faith College Station, TX [Episode 239]

Spill Beans Fresh Grounded Faith College Station Texas Kelly Minter Michael O'Brien

Get ready, sister, because we are spilling some fantastic beans today! This was captured LIVE in College Station, Texas at a Fresh Grounded Faith conference featuring Bible teacher Kelly Minter and singer-songwriter Michael O’Brien.

Kelly shares the unlikely Bible character she most relates to, and then both Kelly and Michael reveal their (very funny) most embarrassing moments. We’ll also give some helpful advice to moms of teenage sons, and you’ll learn how to take a “fiction vacation.”

Can I Be Resilient When Life Is a Mess? With Daniel Fusco [Episode 238]

Resilient Life Mess Daniel Fusco

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Most people are just trying to get through the next 24 hours, much less trying to get through the next storm, the next stress, the next crisis. But today’s guest, author and pastor Daniel Fusco, wants you to know that regardless of what lies ahead, you’re gonna make it!

He shares how you can move from fear and worry to unstoppable resilience even when life is a mess.