Can I Declutter My Life? [Episode 44]

Can I Declutter My Life? [Episode 44] jpg

Simplify your life. It’s a thing, isn’t it? Thank it and throw it away. Declutter.

I laughed when I searched for this topic on the internet. I found one blog with 72 ways to simplify your life and another that had 100 ideas. But, only a few of the same ways showed up on both lists! Can you believe that?

Can I Let God Fight My Battles? [Episode 42]

Can I Let God Fight My Battles? [Episode 42] jpg

Free download alert! Get your “3 Scriptures to Help You Stand Still When You Want to Fight Back” printable in the links below.

My hand was on the bathroom stall door handle, ready to open it, when I heard familiar voices.

I stopped and stood perfectly still.

Can I Stay Married If It’s Not Making Me Happy? [Episode 41 With Aaron and Jennifer Smith]

Are you feeling unhappy today in your marriage? Friend, you aren’t alone. We’ve all walked through unhappiness from time to time and not just in marriage.

Whatever our relationship status is—single or married, engaged or divorced—all of us struggle sometimes with making our need for happiness the greatest motivation for our relationships and choices in life.