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Freebies from the Psalm 23 Bible Study

Find fun and free Psalm 23-related freebies such as printables and my personal Psalm 23 playlist at

Freebies from Fresh Grounded Faith

Find my free “I Will Not Be Shaken” declaration card here.

Purchase a 10-pack of the “I Will Not Be Shaken” declaration card here.

Freebies from the Me, Myself, & Lies Book

Find my free 5-day email challenge and video series, The Truth Challenge: 5 Days to Healthier Self-Talk here.

Freebie from 66 Ways God Loves You

Inspired by my book, 66 Ways God Loves You, this beautiful free printable is a great reminder of how God’s love for you is woven throughout each book of Scripture.

Freebies from the Hosea Bible Study

Find the downloadable Leader Printables (Love Gifts) by scrolling down the sidebar at this page.

Freebies from the Missing Pieces Bible Study

Find weekly freebies plus a free song download of my “Take Me to the Cross” song at

Download Olive’s Story

A Compassion child, now a Compassion woman – Click here to download MP3. [right click, save as]
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