If You Have Missing Pieces, There Is an Answer

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Dear Friend,

Have you ever asked these questions? Does God care? Is He fair? Is He even there? Although you may think you know all the right answers, sometimes they don’t always feel right.

Quick Sunday School answers were not enough for me.

As a woman who has lived with blindness all of my adult life, I’ve also asked, God, do you hear my prayer for healing? Did you make a mistake?

Here’s what I know.

God’s ways don’t always make sense, but He is trustworthy.

If you go through this study with me, dear sister, you will become closer to Him. My prayer is that you will trust Him more than your feelings.

Here’s what I promise.

God will reveal Himself and fill in your missing pieces.
I hope you’ll join me.

Explore six questions everyone asks in this realistic look at the messy, mysterious uncertainties of faith.

You’ll Learn How to:

  • Experience unexpected peace in spite of unexpected heartache
  • Move forward when you feel stuck in your circumstances
  • Strengthen your faith when you feel beat down by life
  • Gain stability when tidal waves of emotion hit
  • Trust God more than your feelings

Unique Features:

  • Video-driven Bible study on 2 DVDs
  • 6 weeks of personal Bible study
  • 7  group video sessions approximately 25 minutes each
  • Bonus Footage: Music Video and Q&A with audience
  • Member Book with Leader Helps included in Leader Kit
  • Individual Downloads of Videos Available Too
  • 7 Freebies to Download – One for Each Week
  • Posters, Inserts, Flyers to help promote

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60 thoughts on “If You Have Missing Pieces, There Is an Answer

  1. Jennifer–
    I’m so excited about your new Bible study! If we are honest with ourselves, all have asked the questions you address in your study. We all have experienced “missing pieces”–some of us may be doing so at this time. I admire your honesty and your passion for God’s Word and using your gifts to minister to His daughters. Your song, “Take Me to the Cross”, touched my spirit and ministered to my soul.
    Thanks for the freebies you’ve included for us as we begin your study! I thank God for the gift of you as you “shine” your light for Him into the lives of others. May God continue to abundantly bless you, your family, and your ministry!

    Sisterly connected at the cross,
    Linda Joshua

    • Jennifer here Linda. Thank you for your kind words. Girl, I’m in this stuff of life with you. We will be drawn closer to Him as we ask questions but always turn to His character.

  2. Glad to hear about the new bible study. I alway wait for your videos and e-mail. So glad you are spreading the word of Jesus Christ to women every where.
    God bless Starr Dolan

  3. Thank you for sharing God’s word in ways that are fun, easy, inviting and applicable.  I think most of us would agree to having missing pieces.  I am excited to explore the connection between our holes and God’s word, helping me understand how I fill those places and how those choices may be leading me down the wrong path.  A path that seems to be an endless loop of sadness, worry and disappointment.  I am looking forward to this study to explore these areas in my life and hopefully find an endless loop filled with love, peace, devotion, and happiness.  Is that possible?

  4. Thank you Jennifer for a great study. I just watched the first video. I was just as moved by the video as I was at the taping. Can’t wait to get the book. 

  5. God do you care?!!! That was the question I asked as a young girl going through child abuse. Every day in my 3rd foster home I’d ask God that question. Do you see that these people keep beating me black and blue?!!! Do you hear my own parents tell me they don’t want me?!!! Did you see them throw me in that trash can at 6 months? God do you care?!!!

    Over and over again, I’d ask that question. One day God responded. YES, I care. I care so much that I sent my son Jesus to die for you and for every single beating you’ve taken I took one for you on Calvary. I took on pain like that. I care and you are mine!

    I’ve learned over and over how much God truly does care. These past few months He has carried me through the grief process of burying my last living parent. He’s become my father and mother. He’s become all I need him to be.

    I’m going through broken pieces to find answers to all of the other questions I asked as a young child and now as a young adult woman.

    -Alicia Roark

      • You are welcome! To God be all the glory great things HE hath done! Excited about this Bible study.

        Sorry if I’m not on here much. I”m currently finishing up writing my very first book!

    • We are going to start studying your book Missing Pieces today at our church. I know it will NB be interesting

  6. Precious, drop dead beautiful Jennifer Rothschild! Hi!!!!!! You inspire me! I have you on my pinterest page as people who inspire me! Why?!! It’s your faith and your testimony of who God is in your life! Thank you for being such a classy Christian girl! I love you bunches! You are the coolest chick ever!!!!!! HUGS FOR YOU!

  7. I’ve questioned God many times over the past 15 years, since my son at the age of 8, was diagnosed as legally blind due to an undetermined progressive eye disease. As he continued to lose more vision each year, then began having seizures at the age of 12, which progressed to losing cognitive abilities by age 18, and now has caused mobility issues and speech impairment, my faith has been severely tested. We recently took him to Mayo Clinic where he was diagnosed with a rare genetic neurological disease that is the cause of all his symptoms including blindness. There is no cure, and he will eventually be bedridden and unable to walk or talk, they told us. Most young people with this disease die in their late teens or early 20’s. My son is 23. He is able to walk with help, although he can barely shuffle his feet across the floor some days. His speech is mostly unintelligible, but he still has an active mind and wants to communicate so badly that he occasionally gets very frustrated trying to get his message across to us. It has been heartbreaking to watch my normal, active, intelligent, very talkative boy become a mentally disabled blind adult. As he learned Braille & Cane travel, we got to learn more about the blind and met very competent visually impaired people, like Jennifer, & we hoped that he could have a normal life. However, with the progressive degenerating effect of this disease, I’ve gone thru denial, anger, grief, & finally acceptance of his disabilities, but I refuse to accept the doctor’s death sentence! I am believing God for a miracle! My son’s name is Chad, which means “brave warrior”, and he is the bravest, most courageous person I’ve ever met! He loves everyone and prays for them every night. I believe God has a special purpose for him, and whether he is healed in this life or the next, he has been an inspiration to me by the way he greets each day with a smile on his face, determined to make it thru one more day. He’s just glad to be alive and have a family that loves & takes care of him. Never once has he complained about this devastating disease that has robbed him of so much & left such huge “missing pieces” in his life. I read a bible verses & a short devotional to him at bedtime along with a chapter from “Heaven for Kids” by Randy Alcorn. Heaven has become so much more real to us now. When I tell him that he will be able to see Jesus in heaven and all the family we have there already, that he can run down streets of gold, play baseball again, and speak clearly as he did when he was a child, he gets a sparkle in his eyes and a grin on his face, just thinking of that glorious day! I’ve learned that life is so much more than the few short years we are here on this earth, that this time is only like a drop of water in the ocean of eternity, and I long for the day that all our “missing pieces” are filled with the wonder of God.

    • Beautifully written Debbie. We all long for that day to see the Lord face to face and have our missing pieces filled. What a beautiful example of love you are to your son in the midst of day to day challenges. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to have a family. Each year as I got older I would think, okay God this is the year you will introduce me to the guy you have chosen for me. We will meet, fall in love, and we will take the first steps to reach my goal of having a family. On my 30th birthday I began asking “God do you care?”

    After college my friends began making announcements that they were getting married. It was not long before those announcements turned into “we are having a baby” announcements. I have always been happy for my friends and I love sharing in their joy. Although when I am by myself I have to ask, “God do you care that as I get older the harder it is going to be to have a child of my own?”

    I remember the first time I helped out with my church’s Sunday school. As their parents came to pick up their children, I noticed how excited the children would get when they saw mom or dad. Seeing this interaction touched my heart until it was time to go home. As I left church that day I realized many of those families would be spending the day together enjoying family time. As I left church that day to go home by myself I asked as the tears rolled down my cheeks, “God do you care that I am feeling alone today.”

    As I am getting older I have noticed that people are no longer asking about my plans for the future. I am beginning to notice that my grandparents are beginning to talk like I am never going to have a family. At the same time, my parents are calling other children their “grandchildren.” When I am around no one talks about dating, marriage, and children any more. I am beginning to wonder if everyone thinks it is my choice to not have a family. It makes me ask, “God do you care that I am losing hope of ever having a child to share my love with?”

    Over the past year I have really been struggling accepting God’s plan for my life. My plans have always included falling in love, getting married, and starting a family. As I get older each year, that dream seems to be getting farther and farther away. I am beginning to wonder if this is one dream that is not going to come true. It makes me ask, “God do you even care that this is breaking my heart?” I do not know what God’s plan for my future is. I just know that his plan and my plan are not the same right now.

    • Teresa thank you for sharing your heart on this. It’s so difficult when our plans for our life or the timing for our plans don’t line up with God’s. I pray that you will rest in His timing for it is perfect – always. Your story awakens me to be sensitive to others. Thank you for that reminder.

  9. I’m not sure where my story best fits; It really could be “God, Do you Hear Prayer?” OR “God, Do You Err?” I have always known He cares, He’s aware and He’s there.

    My husband and I married right out of high school and have been married 34 years! We give God all the glory! We both grew up in Christian homes though they were both very different. God blessed us with 2 daughters, as different as night and day in looks and personalities! Both of our girls had given their hearts to the Lord during their teen years and we were all living our lives as unto the Lord to the best of our ability and with what we knew at that time in our lives.
    Our oldest daughter was married a few months before her 21st birthday and was married for 3 years when she called and told us she was leaving her husband. This was just a couple of months after her younger sister’s wedding. My husband and I were more than surprised and it rocked our world. Divorce was not anything that had ever remotely crossed our minds would happen to our family. Then as the next few hours and days progressed we found out she had had an affair and her husband was greatly into pornography which had thrown our daughter over the edge. And because of paternal family background within the big church we attended she didn’t feel she could go to anyone and ask for help. And going to counselors we just hadn’t heard of at that time. And to top it off, she didn’t ask to move back home; she was out in our city somewhere with someone and we didn’t know where and we were not hearing from her but every once in a while. This further information SHOCKED us and put me as her mama into a tailspin! I didn’t know what to do, who to go to, where to turn. We tried going to our church staff but they were of no help. They just told us to give up the Young Married Sunday School class we taught and go heal.
    We were operating in a daze and though my husband seemed to move forward better, as the mama and a stay at home mama at that, with a now completely empty nest, I wasn’t moving forward. I was stuck in obsessive thought mode, my daughter was all I could think about. What had I done wrong? What had I not taught her?
    And then it went to God, You could have made this better. You could have stopped this. You can make this better. You can bring them back together. You can bring her back home. You can bring her heart back to You.
    And then it was just OH, GOD! And some days I would just sit in the chair and hold my Bible.
    Til one day God gave me a verse:
    Being confident of this very thing, that He which has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Phil. 1:6 KJV
    For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. Phil. 1:6 NASB
    I knew in my heart that God was telling me to claim that verse for my oldest daughter! I knew that God was going to make her life all better!
    But like Jennifer’s study says in Week 1 – I assumed and speculated how God was going to work. I knew He had the power but I didn’t think about His authority and His sovereignty. I got all ready for the marriage to be put back together and their lives to bring God glory.
    And it didn’t work out that way. They divorced.
    And my daughter went on to live with someone else (#2). But she did come back around and became a part of the family again.
    And she went on to marry a second time to even someone else (#3). And that marriage lasted 3 months.
    And I wondered about the verse God had told me to claim. Had I heard Him wrong? Did He make a mistake? Was she too strong willed for even Him?
    And she went on to marry a third time to someone else (#4) and had our precious granddaughter. He was in the military and deployed while she was pregnant and delivered. I saw her begin to turn toward God during her pregnancy and during the baby’s first few weeks when she was having some issues. When her husband came back to the US she went out of state where he was stationed to begin their family life together. She found out right quick that he was abusive to her and though they tried counseling he didn’t want to change. She also found out he was very cynical about Christianity and God which she didn’t know beforehand.
    She was a long way from home and though she tried to make it work, it just wasn’t going to. She didn’t want her daughter growing up with those circumstances.
    And all she had during that time was God. All she could do was eat, sleep and drink God. And God provided for her and the baby. He provided when things looked like all was lost. He provided when it looked like she couldn’t take another step. God was faithful as she turned to Him and the more His faithfulness the more she turned and the more she turned the more faithful He was. J
    Finally she had enough money saved from her job for her and her daughter to move back home. She found her a little house to rent, she was back going to church with us (we were now attending another church than before!), she was trusting God to provide because she knew she couldn’t do it without Him.
    And as I looked in my Bible at the verse Philippians 1:6 – the month she moved back to our city was exactly 7 years to the month when I had claimed that verse for her… November 2004 to November 2011! 7 – God’s number for Complete.
    He is sovereign. He has a plan. His power is accompanied by His authority. He can’t be contained in a box to work the we think we want. And His ways are always perfect.
    Yes, God Answers Prayer.
    No, God does not Err.

  10. My Tuesday night home Bible study/accountability group (or my Little Sisterchicks as I like to call them!) are having our Session 2 dvd tonight. They just finished Week Two. We are loving this study. I can’t wait to hear what they have to say about what they learned this week – God’s Grace and Mercy, and whether He’s fair or not! God speaks to me so much as I go through the book each week and I have a LOT underlined! And then it just seems natural that the Holy Spirit will bring other Scriptures to my mind to add in or He will give me other thoughts for me to go look up and “chase”! Thank you, Jennifer, for listening to the Lord! Love you soo much, my sister in Christ! Can’t wait till one day we will be able to sit down together and talk in person in our mansions in glory!!

  11. glad i am starting new bible series need to grow closer to the Lord been far away to long hope I can learn how to forgive

  12. Hi Jennifer,
    I just joined a Bible Study group in a chuch down the street form me, i felt lead of the Lord to go to,not know if i would be accepted there But they accepted me with open arms:) and glad i went becuse they were getting ready to start on your book “Missing Peices” that night, actually twoo wednsdays ago. I read the whole 1st section since then and feel encouraged now:) ty.. this is all God , i Praise Him for bringing this book and my new Bible study group into my life..God Bless You Jennifer.

  13. This is a wonderful study, I am working on week 6 and each week it has met me where I am struggling and given me hope. I have had God confirm a lot of what you say through the book Jesus Calling that I read as my daily devotional.
    There is lots of scripture to look up and hard questions to ask yourself.
    I have seen myself (and my group) grow in so many ways.
    Thanks for the awesome study.

  14. Jennifer,
    We started your study in small group at our church last night. What a fantastic experience this is going to be! The conversation starters at the end of the introductory lesson led to some very heartfelt (and sometimes heart wrenching!) confessions from my sisters in Christ. We ALL have missing pieces in our blanket of faith, but are so thankful that it is still sufficient to wrap ourselves in and curl up next to our Savior and be comforted. Thank you, Jennifer, for helping us to see that.
    Your Sister in Christ,
    Cindy Steed

  15. Dear Jennifer

    Tomorrow, Saturday 26 July 2014 we (ladies at His People Eerste River, Cape Town , South Africa) come to the end of our 7 week bible study. The growth we have experienced during these 7 weeks is beyond phenominal. Thank you for sharing God with us in a new way. Words cannot describe how we appreciate your teaching. May God continue to use you in His kingdom.

    I personally, love that Jesus has my name written on his pierced hands. The revelation that my name, on Jesus’ hands was there on that cross even before I was born is mind-blowing to say the least.

    Thank you once again.
    Kind regards and be blessed


  16. On page 13, I am having a problem answering the questions. .I don’t have a physical pain and I am frustrated not understanding what to write.

  17. Hi!
    We’re over here in the northern part of South Korea. We’ve been missionaries here pretty much since 1989. The Lord has given us opportunities to open our home to a group of ladies each Wednesday morning (that’s Tuesday night American time 🙂 ). Most of our ladies are Korean and not only want to learn English, but have a desire to know the Lord better. We’ve done Bible studies for years, most of them were Beth Moore’s Bible studies. The workbooks are always too much for our ladies who are struggling with English-isms. 🙂 Most ladies would purchase the workbooks, but I could see they weren’t doing much more than filling in the blanks from the video responses. We wanted them to have more of a feeling of success in the study, and last year the Lord impressed me to make our own workbook for these precious ladies. We watch the dvds a few times before the ladies ever come. We create a vocabulary list with English and Korean definitions so they won’t get stuck on terms. We try to pick out every Bible verse that is mentioned and include it in the workbook in both Korean and English so they don’t have to quickly find it in their Bibles while the videos roll on. This is so important for them to have the Bible verses in their heart language. (They like to learn English, but we know the most important part is getting the verses for the Lord to use in their lives.) We scan your workbook and pull out some manageable homework for them to do during the week. Then we create a workbook with about 3-4 pages per session including vocab, verses, main points, and homework. Then when the ladies arrive they are given a workbook and we watch the dvds with the subtitles ON! 🙂 This helps them to follow along much better, too. We did your “Me, Myself, and Lies” study last spring and have the workbook we made for that one. Lord willing, we will be starting the “Missing Pieces” study in about 2 weeks. Right now, I’m asking the Lord to bring whoever He wants to come, and help me to put this together for them and for His glory. That’s how I came across this site. We try to make it an attractive cover, too. Love the “blanket of faith” references in the dvds, but I think we’ll do like you did and use CHOCOLATE to decorate our simple cover page. 😀
    God bless! Thanks for your ministry and that you glorify the Lord in it!
    Tami Olling

  18. I completed your study on Missing Pieces and it was beautifully written and presented. My husband and I have been given a ministry birthed from the sudden loss of our 17 year old son, James David. Oh how he loved God and others. What I was hoping you would help me with is this. You used a crown tapestry in one of your last sessions. We speak of tapestry and that illustration was so meaningful to me. Do you know where it came from and how I could order the pattern to have one made? I would so appreciate direction on this. If you have the opportunity you can read and listen to some of the videos that were made as a tribute to our son. We will spend the rest of our lives sharing about what God does with ordinary people who surrender to Him. God bless you and your ministry. James’ website is jameseunice23.com.

    • Tammy, I am so glad you reached out to me. I am so sorry, but a friend made that tapestry for me. Feel free to use this design if you have someone that can make it. Just make sure to leave the back messy so you can turn it around to reflect the change from one side to another. God bless you.

  19. Hi Jennifer! I led your Bible study Hosea at our church! Loved it! I also read your book Invisible along with it! I was trying to find the God’s Love compact for myself. I bought 25 mirrors at the dollar store and wrote on them with a purple permanent marker! Lol I love purple! I also need prayers. My husband has been unemployed since August! He has been diagnosed as bi-polar with sever anger and depression! Nine years ago he tried to commit suicide my 15 year old son found him! David had a heart attack last February. His health mentally and physically has been a great struggle for my family and marriage. This Bible study was close to my heart because he had also cheated on me many times! I didn’t know until our so found stuff on computer! Well this became longer than I meant! Thank you Nany

    • Hi Kat! We would love to have you join us on Facebook! All you have to do is go to Jennifer’s page at this link: https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.j.rothschild/ then click on the “Like” button, and you’ll start seeing Jennifer’s posts in your newsfeed. And you’re always welcome to send a private message through Jennifer’s page if you’d like to share a prayer request. Hope this helps! -Team JRo

  20. Dear Jennifer
    My best friend introduce this book to me 3 years ago. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the Bible Study and was forced to read it on my own. At present I have a very deep desire to do the Bible Study “properly” again. I’m well aware of so many of my friends that will benefit spiritual from this Bible Study, but with their busy schedules will not be able to commit to do this. Really need your advise.

  21. Jennifer, We have known you and your family since you were a child before blindness. You have maintained a strong faith and trust in our precious Lord which is an example to all women. I have been looking for a bible study for the ladies at our church and have decided to use Missing Pieces. Thank you for your frankness and ability to communicate the truths of God’s word in a practical way. Blessings my dear friend.

  22. Hi, I am facilitating the women’s bible study on Missing Pieces on Thursday nights at my church. I am trying to down load the freebie for Missing Pieces Session 7 and every time I try it comes back as not available (could not be found). Would you be able to help me? Please. God Bless You. Tammy

    • Hi Tammy,

      Thanks for your note. I’m so sorry you experienced issues trying to download the file. I’m sending you an email with it attached.

      Ashleigh, JR Ministry Team

  23. Good Evening Mrs. Rothschild, my name is Amanda. First, I want to thank you for creating a bible study that I truly believe is going to help me in gaining back my faith. I started the Psalms 23 study with my mom and church group, but I do not think my faith is at that level yet to truly be able to understand and work thru it so I have decided to do the Missing Pieces as my VERY FIRST EVER bible study <3 I haven't even finished reading the introduction and I am already excited to start but before I did I wanted to do what you asked and come to your blog and comment and introduce myself. I have no clue if this comment will even be seen or read or replied to or if it is actually you who will respond, but either way I pray somehow this comment gets to you so you can know that this study has found its way (apparently many years after you wrote it) to a girl, .. well, 30 year old lady who lost her faith at 14 after she was raped and has had a very hard time ever since gaining it back. When I read the intro and seen the age you were when your faith was shaken is what really made me want to come comment more. Because I was close to that age when my faith was demolished. I am even going to try something with my favorite blanket and if possible (if i can make it work) I'd love to be able to send you a photo of it once its done. its not a blanket Ive had all my life but it is one that i love. lol Well, i really hope this comment finds it way to you and i am about to finish reading your intro and start my study. thank you again for creating something that i can truly relate to. <3 God Bless

    • Hi Amanda,

      I’m so glad you dropped in on the blog and left a comment! And, I am even more grateful that God put “Missing Pieces” in your hands and you are open to listen and learn. It takes courage to face and feel the hard stuff that seems to make no sense—I’m proud of you. Life is too short to live without the companionship and peace that comes from being loved and held by God. So, way to go sister for diving in! My prayer is that the message will sink deep into your heart and God will give you peace beyond what you have ever experienced and a confidence that He is with you and for you. I’ve prayed for you and am trusting God for breakthroughs in your life.


  24. Jennifer, When I tried to put dvd number 1 in the player at church Sunday, I didn’t realize there was a dvd in the player and inadvertently scratched up the Missing Pieces dvd. It won’t play at all. Can your ministry possibly replace the dvd for free, since I’ve already spent $160 for the leader guide? We’re a small church and can’t afford to replace the dvd number 1. Is there another alternative? We’re loving the study!!!!

    Nan Helms

    • Hi Nan,

      I have passed your question on to our Customer Care department and they will be contacting you via email.

      Ashleigh, JR Ministry Team

  25. Is there anyway I can get the blanks for the missing pieces study? I really can’t afford to buy the audio.

    • Hi Myrina,

      This is Ashleigh from Jennifer’s ministry team. I sent you an email with more information on this. Hope it is helpful!

      ~ Ashleigh, JR Ministry Team

  26. I will be facilitating this bible study beginning next Tuesday. I am taking over for a lady who has been the leader of this group for many years. I am a little nervous but excited to see how God speaks to us during this time together. I would appreciate your prayers as God uses me to lead these precious ladies.

  27. Jennifer,
    Our Ladies Bible Study group will start your study, Missing Pieces. I’m looking forward to leading…or going to try to lead. Prayers always welcomed!!!

    • Hi Paula!

      We’re so excited to hear that your Bible study group is starting “Missing Pieces.” Praying for the Lord to encourage and strengthen your hearts through it!

      ~ Ashleigh, JR Ministry Team