Can I Gain Confidence in My Calling? With Kim Gravel [Episode 282]

Gain Confidence Calling Kim Gravel

How can you know what your calling is? And how do you become confident in your calling? Or even if you know your calling, how are you supposed to follow it when you’re full of fears and insecurities?

Whew! It can feel daunting, right? Especially when the mistakes we’ve made have pulled us off track and clouded our vision.

Well, today on the 4:13, beloved star of Kim of Queens, Kim Gravel, invites you to look at yourself with a fresh new lens, encouraging you to start right where you are in order to discover who you were meant to be.

Can I Get Through Spiritual Disappointment? With Dr. Alicia Britt Chole [Episode 281]

spiritual disappointment pain Dr. Alicia Britt Chole

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When intense spiritual pain casts a shadow on our lives, we can feel so uncertain, ungrounded, and unsettled about what we once knew to be true. It’s like the light of faith is overtaken by the dark night of the soul.

This, my friend, is spiritual disillusionment, and it can feel hopeless—like you’re all alone and trying to find your way in the pitch black.

Can I Let Go When I’m Tired of Trying? With Ashley Morgan Jackson [Episode 280]

Let Go Tired Trying Ashley Morgan Jackson

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What do you do when your faith doesn’t seem to be “working” anymore? You’ve said all the right things, done all the right things, and nothing seems to make it better. Perhaps you’re even tempted to give up on God because things haven’t turned out the way you expected.

Well, my friend, that’s when today’s guest, Ashley Morgan Jackson, invites us to wrestle with God and face Him in our greatest disappointments, pains, and unanswered questions.

Can I Redefine the Second Half of My Life? With Dawn Barton [Episode 279]

Redefine Second Half Life Dawn Barton

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In a culture where middle age is thought of as a downward slope into sensible shoes and meaningless existence, we can redefine the second half of life. We can shape it into decades of fulfillment, fun, strength, and purpose.

Because, my friend, there’s no “midlife” to God. He has intended for us to live fully at every age and in every season, and it’s time we embrace it!

Audio Christmas Card Featuring Music by Michael O’Brien [Episode 277]

Audio Christmas Card Michael O'Brien

Merry Christmas to all you wonderful people I love!

Since you’re part of our 4:13 family, we’re sending you our annual Christmas card to make sure you know how much you mean to us.

This year, our families will give you their Christmas greetings in their own fun little way, KC will speak a blessing over you, and Michael O’Brien will make your heart rejoice as he sings some of his beautiful Christmas songs.