Why I Love Compassion International

Jennifer with sponsor child in Ecuador

You can be part of releasing children across the globe from poverty in Jesus’ name.


Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed when it comes to the needs in this world?

Me too, sister. My heart breaks in a million pieces when I think of all the needs in our world.

But, I have good news.

You can’t fix everything, but you can fix one thing.


Through Compassion International, I have found such hope and joy because finally, I can fix one thing! I can release a child from poverty in Jesus’ name.

I sponsor a precious girl from Ecuador and it’s making a huge difference in her life, in her family, and totally changing the forecast of her future.

When I traveled to Ecuador and met my sponsored child, I thought my heart would explode with all the mixed up emotions of hope and helplessness. And when that sweet girl came out to meet me, I fought back tears as I scooped her into a hug.

I heard a woman’s voice right beside me who was also fighting back tears. Then I felt her hand on my shoulder. In broken english, Jodi’s mom said, “ Jennifer, now I have hope.”

Well, that was it. No more fighting those tears—they fell with happy surrender. I turned my face to hers and I responded in broken Spanish, “Gracias Jesus Christo.”

It is all because of Jesus.

Here’s me meeting my Compassion child, Jodi, along with her family, for the first time.


My tiny gift every month gives a mom just like me hope for her daughter. It gives her hope that Jodi will have food, medicine, and an education. It gives that mom hope that her little girl will be okay. Isn’t that what every mom wants for her child? The small sacrifice I make each month gives one mom and one daughter unbounded hope that their needs will be met and hope that a big God sees them.

I am so humbled that I get to be a tiny part of God’s big story.

And, you know what? I don’t feel as hopeless about the state of the world and my helplessness in making a difference. God says He will give a hope and a future; and He is doing that for Jodi, and for me.

Through Compassion International, God is allowing me to be part of His hope for this world because I get to release one child from poverty in Jesus’ name.

Sister, you can do this, too!

It’s one sponsor for one child. That means your one on one relationship with a Compassion child through a monthly sponsorship will give her (or him!) food, health care, an education, and a safe place in a local church where they will be loved and led to Jesus.


Will you join me in releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name? 

When you sponsore a child, please let me know so I can celebrate with you and give God praise for another rescued life! Tag me on social media with #IReleasedOne. You can find me as  @JennRothschild on Instagram and Twitter and ‘Jennifer Rothschild’ on Facebook.

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