Heaven Bible Study (Coming Soon)

I’m so grateful you’re here to learn more about my newest video-based Bible study, Heaven: When Faith Becomes Sight (Lifeway, January 1, 2025).

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Heaven: When Faith Becomes Sight

Heaven: When Faith Becomes Sight Bible Study Cover

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Heaven. Who goes there? Where is it? What will we do there?

Questions like these arise when we consider an eternal future beyond this physical life. How can we know the truth about what comes next?

In this 7-session study, Jennifer Rothschild explores the subject of Heaven from a biblical perspective. She will separate what’s true about Heaven from what’s based on legend, media depictions, and hopeful guesses. You’ll get a clearer understanding of what God has prepared for His children once this life is over.

Although it’s impossible to answer all our questions about Heaven, what we learn from Scripture makes it possible to live with an informed faith that helps us face the future with confidence and live on mission in the present.

Releases: January 1, 2025
Publisher: Lifeway