How to Leave an iTunes Podcast Review

Reviews help the 4:13 Podcast reach more women with the “I can” message. At this time, iTunes is the only place to leave a review. But, if you subscribe through other podcast players, you are still supporting the podcast and helping to spread the “I can” message!

To leave your review on the iTunes Podcast app, just follow these simple steps: 

  1. Launch the Podcast app and tap “Search” to find “4:13 Podcast” or “Jennifer Rothschild”
    podcast review step 1 image
  2. Tap the album art for the podcast to open the podcast.
    podcast review step 1
  3. Scroll down to the “Ratings and Reviews” section
    podcast review step 3
  4. Click on “Write a Review.”
    podcast review step 4
  5. Click on a star to rate and then enter your review title and text.
    podcast review step 5
  6. Click “Send.” (If this is your first time to leave a review, you will be asked to enter a nickname next. This will show up next to your review on iTunes.)
    podcast review step 6

You may notice that your review doesn’t show up automatically–it could take up to 24 hours for iTunes to post the review. Thank you for your support of the 4:13 Podcast!