Leader Resources for Psalm 23: The Shepherd With Me

Yay! You’re leading the Psalm 23 Bible Study! Way to go you! First off, let me say I prayed as I wrote this whole thing and you, the amazing woman who leads, were always on my mind and in my prayer. I pray God will fill you and guide you as you lead your little flock!

I taught Psalm 23 at my church in fall of 2017 and I did a few things that were special to our group.  So, I thought I would share them with you!

Adjective Exchange

Each week I asked the ladies to exchange adjectives around their tables.  For example, at the first gathering, I asked them to share an adjective that reflects their personalities. The second week, they shared an adjective that described how they felt or what they experienced while studying verse one. You get the idea! Over the seven weeks, they exchanged adjectives which described how they felt that day, and even an adjective they wanted to be true for them. This was a simple and quick way to help women get to know each other, especially when you are crunched for time. 

Safe Key

After the first intro session, I gave each woman in our study their own ‘safe key.’  They were not expensive at all! (See below to check it out.) The key was to be a reminder that the key to feeling safe is being with your Shepherd. You can either give them to the ladies after the first video or you could pass out the key, string and tag to each woman and they could assemble it themselves as they watch or listen to the “Safe in the Arms of Jesus” music video. 

Video Teaching Message Summaries

I emailed my ladies a summary of the teaching the day after I taught. It turned out this was a highlight for our girls. If a woman missed a session, she didn’t miss out on the message. And, it also gave our Type A’s a chance to just chill and listen knowing they would get the basic outline and Scriptures in their inbox the next day. So, I’ve provided them for you and your ladies too. Just send them to JenniferRothschild.com/Psalm23 to let me know which session(s) to send.

Well, those are my three tips! Love you, and thanks for leading!







Jennifer Rothschild

Promote the Study in Your Church

You can save the following beautiful promotional materials to your computer by right-clicking on the item link. Just select “Save Link As,” select where to save the file on your computer, and you’ll be good to go!

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Make A Safe Key for Your Group

In the first video session, I share with you about my SAFE key necklace. Well, my friend, Paula, that I mention in the video created beautiful SAFE keys for the women in our Bible study group, and I thought you might like to do that with your Bible study buddies.

So, just enter your name and email below and I’ll send you the quick how-to for making a safe key, including a pre-made template for the tags.

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