Psalm 23: The Shepherd With Me – Video Teaching Summaries

I am so excited you’re going through my study, Psalm 23: The Shepherd With Me. As part of my writing process, I taught this Bible study to a group of women at my church and I started sending them brief weekly email summaries of the teaching. They were so grateful for the summaries, so I thought you might appreciate them, too!

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You may be wondering why I’m asking about your church and women’s ministry leader. My team and I travel the country hosting Fresh Grounded Faitha two-day women’s conference where I bring in some special guests like Meredith Andrews and Laura Storyand we love to partner with local churches wherever we go. If we come to your area, we’d love to let your church know! So, that section is so we know who to contact. Of course, it’s optional and you can just provide the answers you know. I’d love for you to share, but you can choose not to and still receive the video teaching summaries.

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If you attend a church, would you share about the church? If I come to your area, I’d love to let you all know!