Leader Resources for Take Courage: A Study of Haggai

Hey You! I’m so grateful you’re leading my Bible study, Take Courage: A Study of Haggai. You’ll be great, I just know it.

My prayer for you as I write this is that God will fill you with all you need so you can lead your women well. God has called you to this and He will equip you, so you just go for it, sister!

I taught Haggai at my church in the Fall of 2019. I did a few things that worked well with our group so I thought I’d give you a few ideas you might want to try with your group.

Adjective Exchange

Every time I teach, I asked the ladies to exchange adjectives around their tables. For example, at the first gathering, I asked them to share an adjective that reflects their personalities.

The second week, they shared an adjective that described how they felt or what they experienced while doing the first week of study. You get the idea! Over the seven weeks, they exchanged adjectives that described how they felt that day, or adjectives they wanted to be true for them. Make this your own, be creative! It’s a simple and quick way to help women connect, especially if you’re crunched for time

Yellow Rubber Duckie

After I taught the second message (Group Video 2) I gave each woman a yellow duckie. Here’s a link to the ones I got. It was a fun reminder that our exile won’t last forever but God’s faithfulness will! It encouraged the women to ride the waves and go with the flow and trust God’s promise.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, it will make sense when you do! I still run into women who were in the study who pull out their ducks, showing me they carry them in their purse or pockets as a reminder to take courage. In fact, mine is sitting right here on my desk with me as I type this! 

Video Teaching Message Summaries

I emailed my ladies a summary of the teaching the day after I taught. It turned out this was a highlight for our girls. If a woman missed a session, she didn’t miss out on the message. And, it also gave our Type A’s a chance to just chill and listen knowing they
would get the basic outline and Scriptures in their inbox the next day. So, I’ve provided them for you and your ladies too. Just send them to JenniferRothschild.com/TakeCourage to let me know which session(s) to send. It’s easy breezy and you can get them too so you can have heads up on the content of the videos.

One more thing. I created some printable “Give Courage” cards just for you to hand out to the ladies in your group. Fill out the brief form below and I’ll email you the PDF to download and print.

Well, sister, those are my four ideas! God will give you creativity, insight, and energy as you stamp out discouragement, grow in God’s Word, and love your women well! 

I’m cheering you on!

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Jennifer Rothschild

Promote the Study in Your Church

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Give Courage Cards for Your Ladies

Give Courage Cards Freebie imageI created these Give Courage cards so you could have a special way to help your women take courage. You can print them and send them to women who are in your study. You can slip them on the chairs to surprise the women who attend. Tape them on the mirrors in the Ladies Room! I just wanted you to have them to help you spread courage to the women you serve. So print as many as you want. And may God use them to strengthen you and His girls!.

Just enter your name and email below and I’ll send you the download link for the cards.

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