Missing Pieces Bible Study Freebies

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Video Session 1 – Freebie - Take Me to the Cross Song MP3 Download or CD

Video Session 2 – Freebie – Peace Giving Promises for Your Missing Pieces

Video Session 3 – Freebie – “My God Is…” Character Collection

Video Session 4 – Freebie – “God is Present” Table Talk Cards

Video Session 5 – Freebie – “Let Not Your Heart be Truffled” Chocolate Recipes 

Video Session 6 – Freebie – “Who Are You? Character Quiz

Video Session 7 – Freebie – “15-Day Faith Builder


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All Things MP at the Missing Pieces Home Page  - join the Launch Team, Watch Free Video Session, and more.

Download: Video Notes Page and First Week of Study from Member Book