Bible Study Bistro With Jennifer Rothschild [Missing Pieces OBS]

If we’ve gotta be socially distant, then we’ve gotta get even more spiritually connected. That’s why I saved you a seat at my Bible Study Bistro table!

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That’s what I’ve called my Facebook group dedicated to studying Scripture with you and the rest of our sisters across the country (and even the world!).

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Through the month of April, we went through Isaiah 40 together [Click Here for Isaiah 40 Going Deeper Questions].  

And now, we’re going through my Bible study, Missing Pieces: Real Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense. Sister, if there’s ever been a time we need hope when life doesn’t make sense, this is it.

Everything you need to know about our study together can be found below!



Mark Your Calendars: What to Expect During Missing Pieces

I know you sweet bistro ladies don’t want to miss a thing. So, here’s what our weeks of study through Missing Pieces will look like. (Of course, I might pop in and surprise you just for fun every now and then, too!)

(Need to figure out what time it is in your time zone? Just click here!)

Live Q & A With Me

Tuesdays at 11:00 AM CDT

Since the teaching videos for Missing Pieces are available from LifeWay for free through June 30 (see info below), you’ll watch those on your own. Then, we’ll gather live inside the Facebook group and spend about 30 minutes talking about the week’s video/study and answering your questions. And if you can’t be there live, don’t worry! It’ll be recorded for you to watch any time. Just click on “Units” in the group for access anytime. You can plan on a teaching video from me on the following days.

Tuesday, May 5 – Introduction + Discuss Video Session 1
Tuesday, May 12 – Discuss Week 1 of Study + Video Session 2
Tuesday, May 19 – Discuss Week 2 of Study + Video Session 3
Tuesday, May 26 – Discuss Week 3 of Study + Video Session 4
Tuesday, June  2- Discuss Week 4 of Study + Video Session 5
Tuesday, June 9 – Discuss Week 5 of Study + Video Session 6
Tuesday, June 16  – Discuss Week 6 of Study + Video Session 7

Pray Together

Thursdays at 8:00 AM CDT

We’ll pray for and with one another in a special prayer request post inside the group.  

Submit Your Questions

Sundays at 1:00 PM CDT

On Sundays, you’ll see a post asking you to submit your questions. My team will sort through them and then I’ll answer as many as I can in the Live Q & A on Tuesdays. Is there something you’d like to revisit from your daily study? Do you have a question for me personally related to the study? I want to hear your questions! 




Let’s Go Deeper Together + Weekly Links & Freebies

Each week, you can come here and I’ll give you some ways to go deeper into our study.

Plus you’ll find all related links we’ve talked about in our Q and A time together on Tuesdays, such as the free song download.

Session 1: Going Deeper Questions + Links

Session 2: Going Deeper Questions + Links

Session 3: Going Deeper Questions + Links

Session 4: Going Deeper Questions + Links

Session 5: Going Deeper Questions + Links

Session 6: Going Deeper Questions + Links

Session 7: Going Deeper Questions + Links



Study Materials

Teaching Videos  

The teaching videos are available online through LifeWay (FREE through June 30).

CLICK HERE to Access the Teaching Videos from LifeWay

Teaching Videos Viewer Guide With Answers

Member Book

You can participate by just watching the videos, but if you’d like to do the daily study, then you’ll want the Missing Pieces member book. Here’s where you can get the member book:

Haven’t received your member book, yet?  Click here for a FREE first week of study and video notes, while you wait.




Additional Questions for Personal Study or Private Group Discussion

Looking for additional questions for personal study or private group discussion? Everything you need is in your member book! If you’re looking for group discussion questions in addition to the daily homework and questions above, you’ll find a leader guide at the back of the member book.




Isaiah 40 In the Bistro Group

Throughout April we studied Isaiah 40 together inside the Bistro group.




Let’s Get Connected

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