Missing Pieces Bistro Study Session One: Introduction

These questions will help you go deeper in our study of Missing Pieces together. I hope you’ll get alone with God, journal, be still with Him, and let Him speak to you.

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Video Session 1: Introduction

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Question 1:

God has a caring character which preserves us, and His nature is that of a good Father. (See Job 10:12, Psalm 103:13, and Jonah 4:2.) He’s compassionate and, yet, sometimes His care feels as if He is MIA (Missing In Action). Why do you think God doesn’t always show His compassion in an obvious way? Or maybe a better question is, why does He show His compassion in such a mysterious way?

Question 2:

How might humbly presenting your questions to God illustrate your faith in Him?

Question 3:

Identify holes in your own blanket of faith. What about the analogy most resonates with you?

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“Take Me To the Cross” Video and Song Download

I wrote, “Take Me To the Cross” as I was facing some difficult questions. As you listen to the words of this song, I hope your heart is truly encouraged and that, by God’s grace, you will take whatever hard thing you are facing to the cross.

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