Buckeyes and Blessings – FGF Highlights, Centerville, Ohio

“Careful, Jennifer… there’s a lady in front of you!”

That’s what Christie called out from right behind me as we climbed up the moving escalator. Christie said, “She’s blind and determined, so watch out!” as she scaled the stairs just a step behind me.

The lady just laughed a nervous laugh and probably went home and told her family, “You won’t believe what I saw on the escalator today in Atlanta… a crazy blind woman with a white cane running up the escalator while the sane, sighted people just stood there.”


Click here for the complete photo album. Thank you, Sue Suther, for the wonderful photos!

So… that’s what happened on the way to Fresh Grounded Faith – Centerville.

Our flight leaving Springfield was delayed and then changed and then we got put on another airline, routed through a different city and that plane was slow leaving so… deep breath… we had 20 minutes to get through the Atlanta airport to catch our flight to Centerville. And, drum roll, please… we made it.

We were sweaty, out-of-breath and the last ones to get there, but we slid into our seats just in time and by midnight Thursday night, we were safe and sound in a hotel in Centerville, Ohio. Whew!

But it was so worth it!

Oh, girl, we had such a great time with those Ohio women! They gave us homemade buckeyes —- ever had them? Peanut butter smothered in chocolate… decadent and worth moving to Ohio for!

Buckeyes and Blessings-FGF Highlights, Centerville, OH
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Angela Thomas taught out of Psalm 84 and made us laugh, cry, and think. I love that girl so much. Meredith Andrews sang like she had an audience of One and, oh, how that girl led us all in worship. I said it at FGF and I will write it here now — I want to be like Meredith Andrews when I grow up! What a beautiful soul.

FGF was held at Fairhaven Church in Centerville. Fairhaven Church and the 9 other co-host churches did an amazing job! There were 150 volunteers and 1000 women who attended, or shall I say, 1000 women who partied with their sisters — loving each other and loving Jesus. I was so, so blessed.

So, the last and best part of FGF I want to tell you is this: on Saturday we gained 5 new sisters in Christ! And 51 women renewed their commitment to Christ! Oh, thank You, Lord for drawing women to Your Son. Please protect them and surround them with other women who will help them grow and know You better. Amen!

Also, Compassion International is so dear to me — we have 3 Compassion kids that we sponsor — so it sends me over the moon when women at FGF sponsor these precious ones. And in Centerville, 48 children were sponsored, or in other words, 48 precious souls were rescued from poverty in Jesus’ Name! Hallelujah!!

So thank you for letting me gush about God and what He did at FGF Centerville. If you were there, give me a shout out in the comments and even if you weren’t there, please pray for our 5 new sisters and those 48 kids! Bless you!

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