Fresh Grounded Fun in Fredericksburg — FGF Highlights, Fredericksburg, VA

I’m just getting back home from Fresh Grounded Faith in Fredericksburg, and what a weekend it was! From the time we landed until we were headed home, it was so clear how the Lord was working, and I’ve been reflecting on that ever since.


On Friday night, Meredith Andrews was set to open our praise and worship time, but her accompanist’s flight was delayed. Poor Chris! But God had provided before we even knew we had the need — our local conference coordinator, Angela Donadio, is a very talented pianist and was able to fill in until Chris could get there. Wow, right??

It was such a fun weekend! We laughed, we dug deep into God’s Word, we encouraged each other, and we even (yes, you’re reading this right) broke out into spontaneous Pilates right up on the stage Saturday morning. It was hilarious! Huge thanks to Tammy Trent and Meredith Andrews for joining me — I always have such a sweet, encouraging time with those ladies. Each of them are just so, so good. We laugh a lot, and I’m so thankful for that, but even more, they challenge and inspire me too.


Thank you to Amber Trementozzi for the beautiful photos! For all the photos from the event, please visit my Facebook page here.

This week we are praising the Lord for 22 women who made decisions for Christ and 36 children who were sponsored through Compassion International! Thank you, God! Thank you to River of Life Worship Center and the co-host churches for taking such good care of all the details, to Local Conference Coordinator Angela Donadio for coordinating (and playing!) so beautifully, and to photographer Amber Trementozzi for the gorgeous photos!

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If you were with us last weekend, give me a shout out below and share with us what God taught you.


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