Fighting Back with Joy and Sweet Tea – FGF Highlights, Lenoir City, TN

It is so good to be back in Fresh Grounded Faith season! What a fun group of ladies! I love those Tennessee sisters — they make me feel like I’ve come home to hang out with my BFFs that I haven’t seen in years. It was exactly what we needed for our first FGF this month. God is good.

Here are a few photos from our weekend. To see the entire album, click here. Thank you, Vicki Simmons, for the beautiful photos! Also, here are your photo booth pics. So fun!

Our volunteers rocked, as did their fearless leader, Sabrina Stamper. Big thanks to all of you! And while I’m at it, thank you to First Baptist Church Lenoir City and the four co-host churches for loving us so well.

And I had some of my favorite people with me this weekend…

Margaret Feinberg was a delight! She taught us how to fight back against life’s battles with joy and a sense of humor. It was so practical and powerful. Love that lady! And Michael O’Brien… he’s always a hit. He led praise and worship beautifully, and had us laughing until we cried with his own “Ode to Chick-Fil-A” song. He’s the best!

Fighting Back with Joy and Sweet Tea – FGF Highlights, Lenoir City, TN
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Of course, the tea was sweet and people were shocked when I kept asking for mine to be unsweet — they were so confused and told me, “Man, you must be strong to drink that.” Funny! What they were really thinking was, “Man you must be so boring to drink that!” Ha!

God taught us how to be unshakeable this weekend, and I’m just so thankful.

We are celebrating the 31 ladies who made decisions for Christ, including four sweet sisters who are now followers of Jesus! Thank you, Lord! And thanks to this group, 54 children are now freed from poverty through Compassion International. I know I keep saying how grateful I am… I can’t help it!

Were you with us this weekend? If so, I’d love to hear from you! Share what the Lord taught you taught you in the comments below.

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