You Are Safe with the Shepherd – FGF Highlights, Springfield, MO

Fresh Grounded Faith Springfield, Missouri has come and gone – for the 10th time! God showed up big time and our cups are still overflowing with joy and laughter. He is so good!

Thank you to Allen Hudson for taking such beautiful photos for us! To see the entire album on Facebook, click hereIf you joined in the fun at the photo booth, find your pictures here.

I opened the weekend with the phrase, “You are safe with the Shepherd because He’s got your back, He guides your steps and He’s on your team.” 

And then the amazing, inspiring conference came to an end, we woke up on Sunday and learned about First Baptist Church Sutherland Springs, Texas. 

Sisters, situations are not always safe. Life can be down-right scary. In Las Vegas, happy people gathered for an event and found themselves instead at a crime scene. In New York, tourists walked and rode down a bike path and came face to face with the hatred of terrorism. And, in Texas, believers gathered and poured out their hearts to God with abandon because they felt safe enough to do so.  Then the worst happened.

We are not safe because of our surroundings and we are not safe in every situation. But, we are safe, deeply, eternally, soul-safe with our Shepherd. Even when the worst happens, we are sheltered in the safety of God’s love and grace. Psalm 23 has been the blanket I wrap myself in when the world — my world — feels so unsafe.  And, that’s what we experienced last weekend at FGF.  But, that’s not all! 

Keith and Kristen Getty and their whole band brought heaven down and had all of us on our feet. Their Irish roots gave such texture to all they sang and played. The lyrics they write and the melodies they craft truly are exceptional, and exceptional is how I would describe the whole experience of being with them. And, Kristen is pregnant. What a trooper that woman is!

Our cups overflowed at FGF Springfield!
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Then, Liz Curtis Higgs made us laugh so much we needed waterproof mascara and some of us needed Depends! But, as soon as we would catch our breath from laughing so hard, she took us deep into Scripture and made us think. The most tender and triumphant moment of the whole weekend had to be when she spontaneously reached up and removed her wig, exposing the results of her chemo — which she has four more treatments of, so please pray for her. What a woman of grace and faith.

And, then, if that isn’t enough…Candace Cameron Bure shared her no-compromise story of faith and how she navigates the entertainment industry with grace and strength. That woman is something! I admire her strength. But, as she would say, she isn’t brave, she is just obedient. Good word, right? 

A big thank you to Local Conference Coordinator Paula Voris for putting together a seamless event, and to the sweet volunteers who served and loved attendees so well! And thank you to Second Baptist Church and the 18 co-host churches for taking such good care of us. You all are a blessing!

We are praising God for the 36 women who made decisions for Christ! And because of some sweet generous hearts, 54 children are freed from poverty through Compassion International and the Pregnancy Care Center received 22 packages of diapers and 45 packages of wipes. So many women got connected to Bible studies in their area, and it was a sold out conference. 

Well, obviously, I could go on and on because my cup is still running over, but, let me just say this…I am so grateful for the family of God. Grateful that we can love each other, comfort each other and pray for each other and stand up for each other. One of the most beautiful ways God makes us safe is that He gives us each other.  If we are safe with the Shepherd, girl, we are safe with the sheep!

Were you with us in Springfield? I’d love to hear from you! Say hello in the comments below.

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