She Said She Never Should’ve Come [FGF Highlights]

She had a hard time walking. She was winded when she made it into the conference and said “I knew it. I never should’ve come.”

But she made it in and found her seat. Fresh Grounded Faith began with Michael O’Brien filling the room with praise.


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It was hard for her to sing along because she was short of breath. She didn’t want to stand because her legs were  weak. But, she stood and sang.

She listened to Stormie Omartian and me; she laughed and wiped some tears. She visited with the woman who sat next to her – a new friend.

As she left the conference, wobbly on weak legs and winded, she said, “I wouldn’t have ever missed this weekend!”

Sometimes the hardest things to do are the things we need most, aren’t they?

I am so glad she came to Fresh Grounded Faith St. Augustine! Though it cost her physically and she had to give extra effort, she gained so much spiritually and emotionally. Now she has a friend to walk with her when she is wobbly and winded – a new friend she met at the conference. She has a new view of God who reminds her that her  heavy burden is working within her a far greater weight of glory! (2 Corinthians 4: 16-18)

Whatever is hard for you and you think is just not worth the effort, try it anyway.
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In Christ, we always get more than we give. So, whenever you think “I should’ve never… tried, come, wished, hoped, planned…”  don’t give in my friend. Whatever is hard for you and you think is just not worth the effort, try it anyway.

The hardest things are usually the best things.

Don’t miss out because you give up or give in too soon. She didn’t and she is better for it. And, so is the kingdom of God.  Three women joined the family of God at the St. Augustine Fresh Grounded Faith; three women found new  life in Christ through salvation! And, 57 precious children were sponsored through Compassion International… 57 souls rescued from poverty in Jesus name!

This day can be your day to try again; try one more time.  Turn your “I should’ve never” to “I wouldn’t have missed out… for anything!”

Question: Were you at FGF St. Augustine? Share with us something you learned! 

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