Like Coming Home – FGF Highlights

Fresh Grounded Faith-Tallahassee was like having coffee and chatting with 1,000 girlfriends all at once!

Stormie, Meredith, and I all commented over and over how warm, kind, and friendly those women were.

picstitch tally

To view all of the photographs taken, click here to be taken to my Facebook page. Thank you to Alyson Perrin for the wonderful photographs!

My mom and dad drove up from Dade City, Florida to spend the weekend with us and they made the whole weekend a treasure.

My dad opened the conference by praying for the women.

It was extra special having such a pastoral, fatherly covering over the ladies. And, my mom, well girl, that woman wields a camera like Zorro wields a sword!! By Sunday night, she had over 60 pictures on Facebook! Go mom!

There is never a dull moment at an FGF!

There was even a tornado on the ground just one mile away during Spill the Beans on Saturday!

Like Coming Home-FGF Highlights
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Phone alarms were ringing all around the auditorium with the alert! We paused to pray and then just kept chatting!

The Lord of the wind and the waves calmed the storm and women’s hearts so we just enjoyed being together.

God also drew women to Himself over the weekend — 48 women made decisions for Christ and many more got connected through Bible Study. And, wait for it, wait for it… those Tallahassee Lassies sponsored 97 children through Compassion International! Yes!!

One last thing about the weekend — Phil and I used to live in Tally between 1991-1996 so we ran into lots of old friends.

But, the funniest was Lexdi. She and I lived in the same apartment complex when Phil was in graduate school. When Phil and I were moving from Tally, we were trying to sell lots of stuff. So, Lexdi wanted to buy our entertainment center. Because she was a friend, I charged her $40. But, because she was a cheap friend, she offered me $20! I was desperate and needing to get rid of said entertainment center, so I took the $20!

When I saw her this weekend, she asked, “Do you remember me?”

I told  her, “Girl, I not only remember you, I remember you ripped me off $20!”

Of course, I was playing with her and joking. It was just a random weird thing I remembered and we laughed about it.

So, as I left the conference on Saturday… you guessed it… Lexdi gave me $20! But, she told me she was still cheap so she wouldn’t provide me the interest she owed on it! Ha!

I love friends! They help us laugh, smile, think, grow, and even decorate our homes on a budget!

Thanks to our host church, Thomasville Road Baptist Church, and the co-host churches for being so great to us this weekend. And, a special thanks to Amanda Bernath for being such a wonderful Local Conference Coordinator!

Thank you, Lord, for the dear women in Tallahassee and how you stayed with us and taught us.

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