Little Rock Rocks! FGF Highlights, Little Rock, AR

All I can say is, I wish you could have been in Little Rock with us this past weekend!
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Click here for the complete photo album on my Facebook page. Huge thank you to Teresa Jane Eilers-Dollar for the beautiful photos!
 If I ever had to move, I would want to move there! The Church at Rock Creek has an amazing group of women. All of the team leaders were spot on and willing to do anything. Such servants! Our local conference coordinator, Shannon Calhoun, is such a sweet woman full of energy, grace, love, and beauty inside and out. Her love for our Lord and the women in her community speaks volumes and makes me proud to be her sister in Christ.
Little Rock Rocks! FGF Highlights, Little Rock, AR
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This was the first time to have Margaret Feinberg with us, and everyone loved her! Lots of laughter – such a sweet woman. Of course, Michael O’Brien just rocks the house as usual. The women loved him in Little Rock! Karen Abercrombie joined us for the second time and I was amazed and in awe of her gifts as she spoke of Rahab and closed us with the War Room prayer.

She asked me in the green room, “Can you feel it?  Can you feel it?  There is such a sweetness here.”

Oh yes, I felt it the moment I walked into the building! 

God was with us all weekend and how beautiful that there were many women who made decisions for Christ — including 4 new sisters in Christ and 50 Fresh Starts! Whoo hoo!! Also, these ladies sponsored 44 children through Compassion International — that’s 44 kids who are now rescued from poverty in Jesus’ Name!  Yes, yes, yes!

A very funny part of the conference was the door prize giveaways.  The girls collected around 150 door prizes! Yep, you heard me right. And they only had 15 minutes to give them all away, so they combined them to 75! It sounded like an auction was happening in the worship center! So funny!  Shannon announced, “My goodness – I am sweating!”  Yes, those girls ended up giving away 75 gifts in 15 minutes! A miracle!

God was with us all weekend and it was incredible. Again, a huge thank you to The Church at Rock Creek and all twelve co-host churches who worked so hard to make an eternal impact on the Lord’s Kingdom! I’m so grateful.

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