We Lifted Our Cups, God Filled Them Up – FGF Highlights, Springfield, MO

The last time I posted a pic of my BFF’s on my blog, we were in swimsuits on a boat in the middle of the lake. That move on my part almost made me lose a couple letters — you know, the B for best and F for forever were definitely in question! But, Joan and Paula are my BFF’s and they stick with me no matter what, which included pouring themselves plum out into Fresh Grounded Faith Springfield last weekend! And, don’t they look cute in that pic?


The Invitation Every Woman Wants

Please come to my house and hang out with me. I won’t clean it up for you. When you walk across my kitchen floor, your shoes may stick to the tiles every now and then. You will have to move shoes from in front of the couch when you sit down. There may be a hoodie or pair of socks in some random place that only you will locate because the rest of us who live here have not been able to find them for years.


Please come to my house and have lunch with me. I won’t make you the lovely chicken salad with walnuts and cranberries that would impress you. I won’t bake homemade bread for us to enjoy. Rather, we will probably munch on Saltines, String Cheese and sliced apples. You can sit at my kitchen table with me and scrape off the remains of breakfast before you place your paper plate on the streaked glass surface. If you spill some tea on your seat as we eat, don’t worry. The cushions are already stained. I won’t steam clean them before you arrive.

Oh Wow, I Did Not Expect This

Oh wow, I did not expect this… but I am grinning ear to ear! Thank you!

Today we announced JenniFriends… the Group with the Inside Scoop, and it has been such a fun day… because of so many of you! I am overwhelmed with how many of you became JenniFriends!

Now in case you’re just jumping in, JenniFriends is a group of friends who want to help me share the message God has given me. JenniFriends will partner with me, be a sounding board for new projects, and help get the word about new books and Bible studies. JenniFriends will also get special perks (because I like to keep things fun!) And my personal favorite, JenniFriends are invited to join a private Facebook group.

If you’re a JenniFriend, I cannot wait to get to know you more. And if you’re not a JenniFriend yet, it’s not too late! Hop on over to the JenniFriends page and sign up!

How to Lighten Your Load by Trading Places

I unloaded my frustrations to my friend Karen while talking on the phone the other day. Sometimes blindness makes me so tired that it just scrapes against the bottom of my soul, and it was one of those days.

two hands grasping

I bet you know what I’m talking about; we’ve all had “one of those days.” You know, when you’re so overwhelmed that you can’t even put your jumbled feelings into words?