Not a Whole Lot of Shaking Going On – FGF Highlights, Port Charlotte, FL

“What shakes you doesn’t have to break you. God can use it to make you unshakeable!” That’s how I began Fresh Grounded Faith Port Charlotte this past weekend. Oh girl, what a fantastic group of women showed up to Murdock Baptist Church in Port Charlotte!


Thank you to Bob Heaton for the beautiful photos! To see the entire Facebook photo album, click here. For those of you who joined in the photo booth fun, you can access your photos here.

We had fun and got into God’s Word. We talked about biblical habits that bring balance when our world feels wobbly and we learned practical ways to focus our faith when we feel unstable.

“When God is your rock, you will not be shaken!” (Psalm 62:6).

And, speaking of not being shaken, one of the most unshakeable women I know was with us … Liz Curtis Higgs!

Did you know she has just finished chemo after fighting hard against cancer? What an incredible inspiration that woman is. I hung on her every word because every word she spoke was full of wisdom. I wasn’t the only one—every woman there fell in love with Liz.

We were unshakeable at FGF Port Charlotte, FL! [Click to Tweet]

And then, there was Michael O’Brien! I love partnering with Michael—he has such a unique and beautiful way of leading worship, making us laugh, and making music that gives us a place to put our emotions and say what our hearts don’t know how to put into words. Girl, if you haven’t heard his music, you need to!

A big thanks to Local Conference Co-Coordinators Sherry Zeck and Melinda Means for putting together a seamless event, and to the sweet volunteers who made us feel so loved and welcomed!

And thank you again to Murdock Baptist Church and the eight co-host churches for taking such good care of us. You all were a blessing!

We are celebrating and praising God for 2 new sisters in Christ, the 54 women who renewed their walk with Christ, and for the 57 children saved from poverty through Compassion International. Thank you, Lord!

Okay, my heart is full. God is good and I am grateful!

If you were with us last weekend, please comment below. We’d love to know what the Lord taught you!

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