You Messed Up Today? Good!

You messed up today? Good! Me too! Too often those slips up and “wish-I-didn’t-do-that” moments can send us down a spiral of thinking that makes us wonder if we’re enough. Am I cute enough? Am I thin enough? Am I successful enough? It’s all in a quest to know if I’m… enough.


Those questions are way too familiar to me. How about you? I have too much pride to ask them out loud, but believe me… I ask them silently to myself all the time.

Why is that?

Why Happiness is Hiding From You

A few years ago (ok, maybe like 10!), my family gathered around a large cheese pizza and I overheard a conversation between our son Clayton and his friend Brandon. “It’s hard to make flamingo’s happy,” Brandon sighed with resignation.

“I know,” consoled Clayton.


“What?” I asked. “How do your boys know about the emotional state of flamingos?!”

Makeover Tip: Wear Lip Liner on Your Eyes

What do you get when a blind woman has a bad hair day and her only remedy is found in free samples of eyeliner and lipliner?

Here’s the back story: Years ago, my mom taught me a way to put on my own make-up. You know, when you can’t see your face, it’s a bit challenging (not to mention scary and dangerous) to apply make-up!  But, the system she taught me when I was 15 is the same system I use today… at age 50!

Lipliner + Eyeliner + Blindness = what? Watch this funny video to find out!
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The system works flawlessly most of the time. It is so reliable, but unfortunately, I am not!

I got things a little mixed up one day and the result was not so pretty! Wanna hear about it? Hopefully, my little incident will make you feel a whole lot better about yourself!

You can find the rest of the story in my book Lessons I Learned in the Dark. Click here to find your copy!

Question: Have you ever had an embarrassing makeup moment?

4 Ways to Declutter Your Life

I was looking for a simple list, but I found anything but that. When I typed “How to Simplify Your Life” into Google, I found a list of 72 ways to declutter! Ha! When our lives are complicated and busy, the last thing we need is a list with 72 tasks!


Who knew simplicity was that complicated?

But, a lack of simplicity creates a lot of complication! So, today, instead of 72 ways to declutter, I’m going to give you four. Think you can handle four? Actually, I know you can!

Why You Are Too Busy NOT to Rest

This week has been one of those weeks. Maybe it’s one of those weeks for you, too. You know, one of those weeks where starting the day can feel like stepping on a treadmill of a never ending to-do list. Around and around you go, and progress seems like a distant concept! It’s tiring, right? To always be working on something, always conquering the next task… always doing… is exhausting! Any other tired sisters out there?


Benjamin Franklin once said, “He who can take rest is greater than he that can take cities.” Hmm. Taking a rest is greater than taking cities? 

10 Ways to Know You’re Having a Hot Flash

I’ve had friends ask me, “How do you know you’re having a hot flash?” Well, it’s the kind of thing that if you have to ask, you are probably not having one. But, we all get hot, sweaty, flushed and can wonder…”is this it?!” “Am I having a hot flash?!” So, from my vast, sweaty experience of the last 2 years, I will share my insights…


Here are 10 ways to know you are having a hot flash…

A Promise for Moms Watching A Child Suffer

Over the years, lots of stories have been written about my journey into blindness. After a particular magazine interview, I dialed the phone. “Mom, I just finished an interview and I really think the writer is going to do a good job. I think you will like the article.” I continued, “And, Mom, she asked if she could interview you. She only has a few questions and I wondered if you could?”


My mom hesitated. Her response taught me so much about God’s grace.

The Invitation Every Woman Wants

Please come to my house and hang out with me. I won’t clean it up for you. When you walk across my kitchen floor, your shoes may stick to the tiles every now and then. You will have to move shoes from in front of the couch when you sit down. There may be a hoodie or pair of socks in some random place that only you will locate because the rest of us who live here have not been able to find them for years.


Please come to my house and have lunch with me. I won’t make you the lovely chicken salad with walnuts and cranberries that would impress you. I won’t bake homemade bread for us to enjoy. Rather, we will probably munch on Saltines, String Cheese and sliced apples. You can sit at my kitchen table with me and scrape off the remains of breakfast before you place your paper plate on the streaked glass surface. If you spill some tea on your seat as we eat, don’t worry. The cushions are already stained. I won’t steam clean them before you arrive.

5 Reasons to Be Grateful this Memorial Day

I think I cry on the 4th of July and Memorial Day more often than I cry at weddings and sappy movies! When “America the Beautiful”, “God Bless America” or “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” are played I swell with gratefulness and patriotism.

Memorial Day

When I consider the soldiers separated from their families, enduring great hardship in hostile lands, and fighting for our freedom, my eyes well up with tears.