Now Available: Psalm 23: The Shepherd With Me [DVD Bible Study]

Every woman longs for someone to protect and care for her—someone to guide her when she’s not sure of her next steps; someone to give her rest when she’s worn out; someone to walk with her when the valley gets dark. The Lord is our Shepherd, our good Shepherd. And His companionship gives us the comfort and confidence we all long for.

Sister, as we study Psalm 23 together, you will be reminded that the Shepherd is with you and you are safe with your Shepherd in every situation, in every season.

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What You Need to Hear from God Today

As we wrapped up filming my Psalm 23 video project, my friend, Steve, and I were talking through all the triumphs and bloopers of the shoot. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “You’re a mess…”

I interrupted and said, “That’s for sure!”

“I didn’t finish,” he continued. “I was saying you’re a messenger.”

Oh, friend, I had heard “mess” when the truth is I am a messenger.

Has that ever happened to you too?

Psst … The Provision Is Already in Your Hand

Me: “Connor, I’m looking for my phone. I just had it. I can’t find it anywhere! Have you seen it?”

Connor: “Uh, um, Mom, isn’t it in your hand?”

Me: (Alarmed gasp) “Oh! I forgot I was on hold with the doctor’s office!”

Psst … The Provision Is Already in Your Hand jpg

Have you ever looked for something without realizing that what you were looking for was already in your hand?

Oh, girl, it happens to all of us! You know, we can search for our sunglasses just to find that they were pushed back on our heads like a hairband. Those are the moments we laugh and wonder why we are becoming our mother! Ha!

Where Is God When the Valley Is Dark?

As I stood there in the guest room, I panicked.

Even though I’d turned on both dresser lamps, I couldn’t detect any light. Usually, I could recognize at least a little light with my left eye.

I placed my hand on one of the bulbs to make sure it was working. It was warm. If the lamp was on, the problem wasn’t the light bulb.

My heart sank when it hit me.

This could only mean one thing—the few fragments of retina I once had in my left eye were now gone. It’s not like there was real vision there, to begin with, but at least it wasn’t the vast blackness of nothing at all.

2 Reasons You Can Rejoice in Hardship

Garth Brooks crooned he had friends in “low places.” Girl, we do too.

Life has lots of low places. Hospital waiting rooms, funerals, diminishing bank accounts, hard marriages, illness, and physical limitations are just a few. Low places take us to the bottom of ourselves and leave us feeling down.

Everyone has a low place in their life. Sadly, many of us have had several.

But we’re not alone when it comes to low places. There were many in the pages of Scripture—people who had times when they felt abandoned, scared, and weary.