2 Simple Ways to Change Your Past

Change the past? Huh?

Do you think maybe I’m being a little presumptuous — or maybe a little ignorant — to even suggest that changing the past is possible?

Oh girl, I wish I could change some things about my past and I know you do too!

2  Simple Ways to Change Your Past

We’ve all got stuff… stuff that happened to us that we wish we could change. We’ve all got stuff… stuff we’ve done we wish we could undo.

But, we can’t.

How Not to Pronounce Hosea

Do you ever feel insecure if you are asked to read the Bible out loud?

You know, some of those Bible words can trip you up!

Well, if you think you have issues with pronouncing Biblical words, you should hear my computer try to do it! In fact, I want you to hear my computer read from the book of Hosea!


What Your Response Should Be to Hardship

Don’t you just sometimes get tired of dealing with hard stuff?!

You know… strained relationships, difficult bosses, constant conflict, illness, financial stress… hard stuff!


Our hands can droop and our knees can wobble. We can look over our shoulder and think about turning back.

If that is you, my friend, don’t turn back! Try to see your hard stuff as discipline.

Break Free from the Prison of Self-Reliance

One thing I can see clearly through blind eyes is that self-reliance is not all it’s cracked up to be.

I used to think that if I could just rely on myself – if I didn’t have to depend on others – then I would experience real freedom.


But, blindness just makes total self-reliance impossible. And, to be honest, sometimes dependence on others can feel like prison bars which keep me from the freedom of independence.

What to Do When You Are Overwhelmed

I’m writing this blog as I sip my third… count the mugs… third cup of coffee!

I woke up exhausted!

I finally got out of bed this morning after tossing and turning all night.


Insomnia is miserable, isn’t it? And, the most miserable part of insomnia is that you can’t sleep through it! (Wink) It just keeps you awake all night so you won’t miss a second of it!

It’s Easier Than You Think: Bring a FGF Event to Your City [Video]

You’ve read about God doing some incredible things at our Fresh Grounded Faith events in cities across America. When Jennifer brings two of her friends with her, God does some extraordinary things.

Have you ever thought about being the one person God uses to bring FGF to your city?

Jennifer invites you to be the one. It’s a lot easier than you think.

Interested? It’s simple.

Introduce Yourself Here

How to Be Victorious Over Your Enemy

Sometimes life can get crazy, can’t it?

The car breaks down… your phone won’t stop ringing… the dishwasher floods the kitchen… your child loses his homework… your computer crashes… your dad is in the hospital… the dog, well never mind. You get the idea.

It just seems like sometimes we get pelted with big stuff and little stuff… one thing after another.


That is how it was in our house last week. Stuff, stuff, stuff!

The Sweetest Thing in Tennessee – FGF Highlights

Fresh Grounded Faith is a wrap!

We finished strong and sweet in Clinton, Tennessee this past weekend. And, what a way to finish for the spring!

Those East Tennessee women were the best! I used to think the tea was the sweetest thing in Tennessee until I met those women! We came to minister to them, but, I think they ministered to us even more!


To see the entire photo album, click here to be taken to my Facebook Page. Thank you to Elizabeth Davis for the wonderful photographs.