It’s Open Season on Glory Hunting

Years ago, one of my friends was struggling with a chronic illness.  The girl was in bad shape, practically eating pain pills for breakfast just to make it through the day.  After a few years of living with her illness, she was adjusting —as much as you can when you’re hurting.  Her pain meds were managed well.  She had gone through some counseling which had really helped her and she finally seemed to be getting her life back.  She was moving on, even smiling more. She’d fought a hard fight and I admired her so much.


What It Means to Be Well

I stood on the deck overlooking Table Rock Lake as a pontoon boat motored by.

It revved and choked and whirred and roared and the lake started dancing! The waters lapped onto the shore and wave after wave swayed the dock so it rattled and squeaked.

I listened as the water stirred and wondered how long it would last.

As I listened, I thought how much I wished I could run down, sit on the edge of the dock, and feel the whirling waters tickle my ankles.

Beautiful God, Beautiful Women – FGF Highlights, Evansville, IN

“Perfectionism kills skill.” Those were the wise words of Ann Voskamp during Spill the Beans at Fresh Grounded Faith, Evansville this past weekend. What truth that woman spoke! She shared earlier that morning about how we as women can use measuring sticks as weapons that hurt ourselves and hurt each other. But, of course, because she is such a wordsmith, she said it a lot better than I just did!

PicMonkey Collage

Click here for the complete photo album. Thank you, Jillian Taylor and Linda Scott, for the wonderful photos!

Three Questions Every Mom Needs to Ask Herself

Motherhood comes with lots of stuff — joy, laughter and stress! And, motherhood comes with one thing every mom gets and no mom wants… guilt!

One thing it does not come with is a rewind button! We can’t rewind and redo what we regret. But, that’s okay, sister.


We can do something to prevent some of the regret.

We Lifted Our Cups, God Filled Them Up – FGF Highlights, Springfield, MO

The last time I posted a pic of my BFF’s on my blog, we were in swimsuits on a boat in the middle of the lake. That move on my part almost made me lose a couple letters — you know, the B for best and F for forever were definitely in question! But, Joan and Paula are my BFF’s and they stick with me no matter what, which included pouring themselves plum out into Fresh Grounded Faith Springfield last weekend! And, don’t they look cute in that pic?


The 4 C’s of Bible Study

I don’t know how it is with you when you read Scripture, but often my mind wanders.

You know, one second I am reading about Moses on Mt. Sinai, and the very next second I am wondering where my black yoga pants are and why my mail is now being delivered at 3:00 instead of noon! Can I get a witness?


Sometimes focus is hard.

So, here is an easy (and by easy I mean easy) way to stay focused as you read Scripture.

Give Courage Not Just Compliments

What do you need more… courage or compliments?

Think about it. Which one boosts you and buoys you? Which one gives you what you need to take the next step or do the next right thing?

For me, it’s courage that I need. Compliments are nice, really nice, but courage does something in me that is bigger and stronger.

Gutsy Girls – FGF Highlights, Lincoln Park, NJ

This past weekend I was in the diner capital of the world. Do you know where that is?

Well, they’re famous for their tomatoes and they have more race horses than the state of Kentucky. Still don’t know where I was?

Okay, another hint or two… This state is the world leader in blueberry and cranberry production – and my oatmeal thanks them very much! It’s the home of “Lucy The Elephant” and the Statue of Liberty has her feet planted in this state’s waters….

New Jersey!

PicMonkey Collage

Click here for the complete photo album. Thank you, Walter Windish, for the wonderful photos!

How to Be Present Where You Are

Picture this: I’m visiting a friend whom I haven’t seen in years.

We’ve been able to stay in touch on the phone and by email. I’m traveling through her hometown and we meet for lunch. We hug, squeal, exchange “oh you look so good” comments, and then order our lunch. As we eat, we catch up on our kids and lives.

After the first frenzy of conversation, she’s less chatty. She doesn’t answer my questions very quickly. She seems so distracted. Our conversation loses its rhythm.

Fully present

Then she says something about someone she’s following on Twitter, and I think, “Where in the world did that come from? I don’t even know who she’s talking about.”

Buckeyes and Blessings – FGF Highlights, Centerville, Ohio

“Careful, Jennifer… there’s a lady in front of you!”

That’s what Christie called out from right behind me as we climbed up the moving escalator. Christie said, “She’s blind and determined, so watch out!” as she scaled the stairs just a step behind me.

The lady just laughed a nervous laugh and probably went home and told her family, “You won’t believe what I saw on the escalator today in Atlanta… a crazy blind woman with a white cane running up the escalator while the sane, sighted people just stood there.”


Click here for the complete photo album. Thank you, Sue Suther, for the wonderful photos!

So… that’s what happened on the way to Fresh Grounded Faith – Centerville.