Do You Need A Treaty with Reality?

As a kid, I did whatever I could to avoid eating Brussels sprouts. This was tough because my mom had a no-exception policy that each child had to eat each item on our dinner plates – at least one bite.

child girl does not like and does not want to eat vegetables

So, in order to avoid the inevitable for as long as I could, I ate the chicken first. I then slowly ate the rice – one grain at a time! But, eventually, there they sat – lonely and looming on my plate.

6 Ways to Overcome Sadness

We’re overcome with deep sadness to be at this point.

That was my friend’s response to the hard place she and her husband had found themselves.


Her beloved mother had been in and out of institutions because of mental illness and now, they had to make a hard, soul-tearing decision about her guardianship. For years, they rallied, they loved, they emptied their savings for the best treatment centers, and they fought, trusted, and never gave up hope. And, now they felt like they were giving up her mom to an uncertain future.

Shame Off You

Our body language tells our secrets even when we think we’ve got them all under wraps! For example, body language experts say that when women feel shame, they may become small in posture by slouching or turning away. They may avert their eyes, kind of like a baby covering her own eyes and imagining she’s hiding. The experts describe the body language of shame as an attempt to be invisible or an effort to hide.

Autumn concept, anonymous woman enjoying takeaway coffee cup on sunny cols fall day

Wishing she was invisible?  Longing to hide? That has to be exactly how the woman who had been caught in adultery felt when she stood before Jesus.

A Heart Full From Hartford- FGF Highlights, East Hartford, CT

Well, it’s a wrap! Our final Fresh Grounded Faith for the spring is now in the rearview mirror…and what a happy memory it is! My heart if full from all the love, encouragement and energy those Connecticut girls lavished on us!
PicMonkey Collage

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3 Ways to Encourage Her

I know her. You know her. She’s the woman who is pouring her life into others or a cause or a ministry. She’s the woman who brings light into this dark world.

Two cheerful sisters lying on the grass in the park

She may be in prison ministry, or working at a homeless shelter, or leading a women’s ministry at her church or leading women across the globe in an online Bible study.

Women who serve others may do it in a million different ways, but they have one thing in common-

Swallowed Up In Sweetness – FGF Highlights, New Orleans, LA

I’m still finding powdered sugar! Yep, it was in my hair, on my jeans, and on my eyelashes! Those New Orleans folks know how to pour on the sugar — and, I’m talking about those beignets, beignets, and more beignets! If you’ve never had one, oh girl, they are the most delicious fried dough with mounds of powdered sugar dumped on top of them.

PicMonkey Collage-FGF New Orleans

Click here for the complete photo album on my Facebook page. Thank you to Dallas McGlinn for the beautiful photos!

3 Paths Out of the “Mine” Fields

Do you ever look at your life and wonder, How did I get here? When did I become this insecure or envious or threatened or defeated — or whatever place you find yourself that you really don’t want to be?


Oh girl, those are “mine” fields! And, when I find myself stuck in one of them, it’s because I’ve become a faulty bow.

Let me explain! When we are bent on going and getting our own way, we “… are like a faulty bow” (Hosea 7:16, NIV). It’s a poetic way of saying we can easily become misguided and land where we don’t want to be.

3 Ways to Experience God’s Esteem

So, how’s your self-esteem? Gag. Ugh. I don’t really like that question! If I answer, “fine” or “good” or “great” then I get all twisted up with over-analysis and wonder if I’m full of myself!

If I answer, “it stinks and is really low” then I get all knotted up with guilt and despair! It’s a tricky question to answer, isn’t it?


So, let’s not answer it! Let’s ask a different — a better — question: “How’s my God esteem?”

What You Weave is What You Leave

On an afternoon last October, we finished up my last session of computer training. We chatted about his wife and how much he loved her. He shared with me how he proposed to her. He told me about a missionary they supported and why St. Francis was his favorite saint. And, of course, we talked about which K-Cup coffee we liked best!


He ran a final system check on my computer to make sure I wouldn’t run into any unexpected blips and then zipped his bag and we walked to my front door. “See ya later sis!” he said as he opened my front door to leave.

Sharing Laughs and Faith with Kathie Lee and Hoda on NBC’s “TODAY”


Oh my goodness! My heart is full and over the moon with gratefulness from being with Kathie Lee and Hoda on the “Today” show this week. It was amazing! Was I really on TV or just chatting with new friends?!? They were so sweet and gracious. Thankful. If you missed it on Wednesday, you can watch it here, sweet sisters!