Burdens were Lifted in Blountville – FGF Highlights

“What burden did you bring to the conference and how can we pray for you?”

That was one of the questions during Spill the Beans in Blountville, Tennessee this past weekend.


Want to see more pictures from our weekend in Blountville? Click here for the complete photo album on my Facebook page. Thank you to Larry Michael Grogan for the wonderful photographs.

If you’ve never been to an FGF, you may not know that not only do we give the sisters a venti size portion of fresh grounded truth, but we also find out what they want to know. We ask them to write down their questions and, then, we sit around the bistro table and answer… We spill the beans!

I Have a Pursenality Disorder

What is in my purse?

A few years ago, Candace Cameron Bure and I had a little girl-talk about what was in our purses.

You know, you can learn a lot about a gal by what’s in her purse!

So, I thought I would share with you our conversation.


I want to know about you… so, at the end, please let me know what is in your purse and I also want to leave you with something from Scripture that you can tuck in your heart — or your purse!

How I Learned to Be More Flexible

When my son Clayton was 14, he took violin lessons. My husband, Phil, would take him, wait for the thirty minutes, and then the guys would drive through McDonald’s and arrive home with french fries in hand.

But, one Thursday, they were a whole hour late! I checked the time and started to get concerned. Then, I heard the garage door.


The Most Important Lesson Regret Has Taught Me

I was a senior in college as I sat in the conference room with five psychology professors.

I was there to receive a special thank you for providing music at a conference the department had just hosted.

I was handed a half-dozen roses and the different professors thanked me, told me how much my piano playing had added to the event, and complimented my abilities as a psychology student.


I remember as I held the roses and the professors spoke, I wanted to shrink into my seat. I felt so self-conscious!

How to Turn Worry in to Peace


I got an email with that as the subject line. Now, that will get your attention, won’t it?

It was from a woman whom I will call Veronica. She says she is a chronic worrier and has panic attacks. She reads her Bible and prays, but speaks really damaging self-talk to herself.


She needed some encouraging advice…

So, I spilled the beans on how to turn worry in to peace through prayer.

How to Fight the Expectation Temptation

Anyone out there ever feel like you just can’t meet everyone’s expectations? Anyone? Oh girl, I do.

We can get pretty stressed out when we feel like we fail to meet other’s expectations for us…

We can’t volunteer for that fund raiser. We don’t call or write that loved one as often as we should. We can’t keep the house clean enough, or the fridge full enough, or the calender empty enough! The list goes on and on.


Expectations come in many forms, but one thing they have in common is how we feel when we don’t meet them… downright lousy!

What You Never Knew About Female Employees

What would you say if I told you the following statements were facts?

  • Young, married women are more responsible than single gals.
  • Older women tend to be fussy if they have never worked outside the home.
  • Husky girls are more even-tempered than skinny ones.
  • And, a girl has more confidence, and is more efficient, if she can keep her hair tidied and apply fresh lipstick during her work day.


Would you say I’ve lost my mind? Would you say I’ve lost my manners?! Would you think I’m out of touch, or politically incorrect ?