3 Paths Out of the “Mine” Fields

Do you ever look at your life and wonder, How did I get here? When did I become this insecure or envious or threatened or defeated — or whatever place you find yourself that you really don’t want to be?


Oh girl, those are “mine” fields! And, when I find myself stuck in one of them, it’s because I’ve become a faulty bow.

Let me explain! When we are bent on going and getting our own way, we “… are like a faulty bow” (Hosea 7:16, NIV). It’s a poetic way of saying we can easily become misguided and land where we don’t want to be.

3 Ways to Experience God’s Esteem

So, how’s your self-esteem? Gag. Ugh. I don’t really like that question! If I answer, “fine” or “good” or “great” then I get all twisted up with over-analysis and wonder if I’m full of myself!

If I answer, “it stinks and is really low” then I get all knotted up with guilt and despair! It’s a tricky question to answer, isn’t it?


So, let’s not answer it! Let’s ask a different — a better — question: “How’s my God esteem?”

What You Weave is What You Leave

On an afternoon last October, we finished up my last session of computer training. We chatted about his wife and how much he loved her. He shared with me how he proposed to her. He told me about a missionary they supported and why St. Francis was his favorite saint. And, of course, we talked about which K-Cup coffee we liked best!


He ran a final system check on my computer to make sure I wouldn’t run into any unexpected blips and then zipped his bag and we walked to my front door. “See ya later sis!” he said as he opened my front door to leave.

Sharing Laughs and Faith with Kathie Lee and Hoda on NBC’s “TODAY”


Oh my goodness! My heart is full and over the moon with gratefulness from being with Kathie Lee and Hoda on the “Today” show this week. It was amazing! Was I really on TV or just chatting with new friends?!? They were so sweet and gracious. Thankful. If you missed it on Wednesday, you can watch it here, sweet sisters!

Who Am I? Why You Need to Tend to Your Identity

Do you worry about what people think about you?  Do you often change clothes several times before you leave the house because you just aren’t sure you look good?

Do you end your day with a mental review of everything you said, wish you’d said, or regret that you said? Do you try really hard to make the right impression to all the right people?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, well, welcome to the human race! Actually, if you answered yes to even one of those questions chances are you need to tend to your identity.

I’ve got ten truths to help you do just that.

But first, what do I mean by tending to your identity and is it okay to do so?

Four Ways to Hang On When You Want to Let Go

We all feel the impulse to quit, to pull back — to put on the brakes from time to time. We can feel overwhelmed and like life is just too much.


We can feel like we are just not up for one more task, one more smile, or one more issue. Right?  Can I get a witness?! And, the urge to just throw in the towel can feel so, so strong that we intuitively know we just need a breather — we need rest.

Jesus Wants the Rose

Recently I heard a story from Matt Chandler, when he shared an encounter he had during college, and I would love to share it with you. He tells the story of when he had gathered in a Christian conference with a thousand other students. The speaker stood to begin his message, but before doing so, he pulled out a beautiful rose. He said something like, “as I share with you, I want you to pass this rose around. Everybody touch it, feel the texture of the petals, and smell it.”