My Declaration Against Chai Tea

I got a lovely tea chest full of interesting and exotic teas. 

I was anxious to sample all of them. After all, all I usually drink is black tea. Boring black tea – the blacker, the better. But this tea trunk had Chai in it. “Hmmm…” I thought, “sophisticated people drink this stuff. Perhaps, I’m uncultured to not drink this stuff.”

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How To Face The Day

“Mom, do I have to get up?”

“Yes, Jennifer, you have to get up. You are the Mom!”

How to face the day

I would begin most days coaching myself to get up and be the grown-up I was supposed to be. But, I didn’t want to face the day because that day was probably going to be like all the yesterdays…dark, hard and long.

What Math Says About You

Four kinds of people

According to Pastor Rick Warren, there are four types of people in your life; those who add, multiply, subtract or divide. I bet as you read that, you saw those people begin to pop into your mind wearing the proper mathematical symbols on their t-shirts! When you break people into those kinds of categories, it’s pretty easy to identify who is who, isn’t it?


What kind of person are you though? It’s somewhat easy to identify which categories the people in our lives fall into, but we often neglect to determine what category we most often fall into ourselves.

The Secret to L.O.V.E.

We once had  some very odd neighbors. Odd is not an insult; it’s a correct analysis!


Here’s why – every fall, a crudely constructed cardboard sign was erected in their front yard which read, “Love Potion #9 For Sale.” We mused if the potion would help someone love you or maybe it was the perfect formula to make you love someone! If the latter were true, I may want to buy a flask because loving someone, well, is often tricky. So, without cost, I offer you my very own “Love Potion #Mine!”

Don’t Be a Drama Mama

“I look awful, enormous and disgusting in this dress. I would rather die than be seen in public wearing this horrible piece of fabric.”

That’s what I overheard in the dressing room next to mine as I tried on a pair of jeans.


I grinned knowingly because I’ve been there, have you?  I have thought similar thoughts and used similar words for similar reasons.