Can I Get a Handle on My Negative Self-Talk? [Episode 3]

Can I Get a Handle on My Destructive Self-Talk? [Episode 3] jpg

I had carved out time in the middle of a busy week to travel 30 minutes downtown to apply for a passport.

After waiting in a long line, I turned in my application and photo only to hear a lethargic and impatient clerk ask, “Where’s your birth certificate? You can’t get a passport without a birth cert—”

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll get it. I’ll come back.”

Can I Live Less Overwhelmed? [Episode 2]

Can I Live Less Overwhelmed [Episode 2]

On a crisp fall morning, I sat with my precious friend and writing assistant, Karen, in her upstairs office. Phil was out of town, and we planned to work on some new book proposals together.

I had started writing my first book just one year earlier and now found myself on a fast track. I wasn’t sure if I was driving, being driven, or a combination of the two. In addition, my travel schedule had swollen with opportunities that I didn’t feel I could or should turn down.

Can I Overcome Fear With Faith? [Episode 1]

Can I Overcome Fear With Faith? [Episode 1] jpg

I remember the summer before I went off to college. My mom and I spent every day preparing me to go.

We shopped for a new wardrobe and bought furnishings for my dorm room, including a much-coveted rainbow comforter. I also spent several weeks in “mobility training”—that is, learning to walk with a cane so that I would be as self-sufficient as possible in my new setting.

What In the World Is the 4:13 Podcast? [Introduction]

Why the 4:13 Podcast? On this introduction episode, you will discover how 4:13 has helped blind author and speaker Jennifer Rothschild navigate the inevitable “can’t” of blindnessand how it can help you be and do more than you feel capable of.

On the 4:13 Podcast, we will get real about life’s not so simple moments and learn to apply 4:13 to whatever we face!

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