A Heart Full From Hartford- FGF Highlights, East Hartford, CT

Well, it’s a wrap! Our final Fresh Grounded Faith for the spring is now in the rearview mirror…and what a happy memory it is! My heart if full from all the love, encouragement and energy those Connecticut girls lavished on us!
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Click here for the complete photo album on my Facebook page. Big thank you to photographers Cyndi Johnson and Dawn Hafner- you did a great job ladies!

Karen Abercrombie (Miss Clara from War Room,) Michael O’Brien and I were so blessed to hang out with all those women who truly loved God and loved each other. And, seriously, I think instead of fluoride in East Hartford’s water, it’s full of caffeine… the energy was incredible!
A Heart Full From Hartford- FGF Highlights, East Hartford, CT [Click to Tweet]

I told the women how God loves them because He is love and it is His love that makes them, makes all of us, lovely. God doesn’t love us because we’re good; He loves us because He is good. Oh girl, when you get a right view of God, then you get a true view of you — your value, your worth.

And, the result? Women were set free! Women were dancing in the aisles worshiping the God who calls them His own! And, what was really, really cool is that God added 13 new sisters to the family — yes, 13 women received Christ and now have new life in Christ! Girl, there is nothing that matters more.

And, what also really filled my heart was that 56 women connected with each other in Bible Studies that will continue after the conference. That way they can grow together in a community of truth.

These women sponsored 38 children through  Compassion International — that’s 38 children that are now rescued from poverty in Jesus Name! Way to go ladies!

So, a big thanks to Crossroads Community Cathedral and Jolene Uccello for opening your doors and your hearts and giving so much to the ladies in Connecticut. And thank you to the co-host churches for being so helpful too! Karen, Michael and I left with hearts full of blessing because of you.

Last thing… there is no way Fresh Grounded Faith could be so powerful for the kingdom without the tireless, consistent, skillful, grace-filled passion and effort of our national conference director, Terri Bitter! That woman does her work for Jesus in the shadows so women all around our nation can see the light of Christ. I am giving a big shout out, thank You Lord to and for Terri! And, she represents so many women who are never seen but the result of their commitment means so; so many people get to see Jesus.

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Okay, see why my heart is so full?! We’ll kick back in with Fresh Grounded Faith in the fall on September 9-10, 2016 in Huntsville, Alabama. You can check out the calendar here so you can find out when we’re close to you. I would just love if it you would join me for a cup of Fresh Grounded Faith!
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