Ready, Set, Go! – FGF Highlights, Augusta, GA

Ready, set, go! This weekend we kicked off our first Fresh Grounded Faith event of 2019 in Augusta, Georgia.

Ready, Set, Go! – FGF Highlights, Augusta, GA jpg

Thank you to Taylor Sakata for the beautiful photos. To see the entire Facebook photo album, click here. For those of you who joined the photo booth fun, you can view your photos here.

Oh, girl, they were ready when we got there. These women were on fire. They were so full of life and love and I felt like it was a family reunion with women I just met. They had set every detail for a great weekend and we did go for it! We laughed, worshipped, learned what it means to be unshakeable, and made tons of new friends.

It was wonderful to have Laura Story, Karen Abercrombie, and Shaun Groves with us again!

Laura Story is an absolute delight. She brought her four adorable kids and she even brought them on stage Saturday. One of her sweet boys saw me first thing Saturday morning and his first question to me was, “Miss Jennifer, how did you sleep?” Isn’t that absolutely precious?! Following that, his brother announced to me, “Miss Jennifer, I wet the bed last night!”

Laura’s messages and music on stage are powerful and effective, yet the message she preaches off stage through her kids compassion and delight is equally as powerful and effective.

We laughed, worshipped, learned what it means to be unshakeable, and made tons of new friends at Fresh Grounded Faith Augusta! [Click to Tweet]

Karen, Miss Clara from War Room, brought down the house as usual. These Augusta women were big-time Miss Clara fans and it’s easy to see why. Karen is so effective in everything she does.

Shaun Groves moved us to worship all weekend and he moved our hearts with his incredible storytelling. Seriously, this team blows me away!

And, we are so very grateful to Abilene Baptist Church and the co-host churches for welcoming us and making us feel at home!

Our Local Conference Coordinator Kileigh Jones and all of the sweet volunteers made us feel so loved! We had 26 men and women on the security team alone. And, every time we turned a corner, we would meet a team leader who would say, “Are you okay? Can I get you anything?” Such servant-led people!

God did great things this weekend. We celebrated 5 new sisters in Christ, 38 women who chose to renew their commitment to the Lord, and 88 children sponsored through Compassion International. Thank you, Jesus, for the decisions and the tremendous response of children being rescued from poverty!

What a blessing our time in Augusta was! Friends, my heart is full!


Jennifer and the FGF Team!

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