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Our last conference for our Fall 2021 Tour—Fresh Grounded Faith Memphis—is a wrap!

Memphis was one of many conferences rescheduled from 2020, and it was such a huge blessing to finally be with those amazing women!

I told the volunteers at the Meet and Greet that this weekend was God’s Plan A! Even though we may have thought it was Plan B since the event had been postponed, God only has Plan A’s!

His timing is perfect, and He determined this exact weekend to bring us together. We trusted His timing and got to see His perfect plan in action.

Here’s how His Plan A unfolded at FGF Memphis…

Laura Story, Angie Smith, and Shaun Groves were the exact team He planned for the ladies who attended. Their messages were so timely and precisely what our hearts needed to hear.

Angie shared about hope—something we all needed to be reminded of—and her sense of humor was so uplifting and brought big smiles to our faces.

Laura gave us the “Four R’s” …. Do you remember what they are? She spoke of how to take courage in chaos and told us to Rejoice, be Reasonable, offer Requests, and Rest in God’s answers.

Write that down and stick it on your fridge, sister, because that’s a good practice to have not only in times of chaos, but in each day as we seek the Lord.

Shaun led us in worship, and he also opened our hearts through his compelling story of how we can be God’s heart to children in poverty.

And, if you were there, you know how God’s Plan A showed up in me on Friday! Vertigo hit just as the conference began, and it was relentless.

Who would ever think that could be a Plan A?

Well, at the end of the conference on Saturday, a lovely woman named Christie introduced herself to me as a neurologist! Apparently she had flown in from Indiana to attend the conference, so it’s not like she just happened to be in the neighborhood.

Christie spent an hour with me in a back room of the church treating me with Epley maneuvers, and finally … I got some relief! I couldn’t even believe it. God’s Plan A was to have a full blown board-certified practicing neurologist right there to provide in my time of need!

Didn’t I say God’s timing is perfect? Well, that’s not all…

Plan A also showed up through a dear woman named Sharon who personally paid for and brought a group of beautiful women from Thistle and Bee, a residential program that offers hope and healing to women who are breaking free from prostitution and trafficking.

It was God’s plan to provide a way for these women to hear how God turns pain and brokenness into hope and freedom that can only be found in Christ.

And it was also God’s plan to move in the hearts of women at the moment He determined. We celebrated 2 new sisters in Christ, 11 women who chose to renew their commitments to Christ, and 27 children rescued from poverty through Compassion International! Praise the Lord!

It was so fun partnering with our host church, Central Church, and our co-host churches and volunteers. What a warm and generous group of people with a heart for their community.

I can’t express enough thanks to Ellen Olford, our Local Conference Coordinator in Memphis, not once … but twice. Our first conference was in 2018, and we were privileged to partner again in 2021.

Ellen is a woman who loves her women and her community. When she enters a room, she raises her voice to say, “I love you!” And in doing so, she affirms people and wants them to know they are valuable to her. In her heartfelt and sincere words, it’s like she’s saying “You are no Plan B, sister!”

Well, there is no plan B with our God either!

You are valuable to Him, and He chose you! His ways are perfect, His timing is perfect, and His grace is sufficient even when things don’t unfold like we planned.

So, keep trusting God and take courage. Take His Word seriously so you don’t take any opposition, imposition, or trouble too seriously. God knows His plans for you, and you can trust that He is always working for your good. (Romans 8:28)

I’m so grateful you were a part of FGF Memphis. Thanks for learning and growing right along with me!


Jennifer and the FGF Team!

P.S. It wasn’t until after the conference concluded that I recalled a conversation I had with Laura Story on the 4:13 Podcast discussing, “Can I give up my plan for God’s plan?” Ha! It may seem like a coincidence, but I think it’s all part of God’s perfect plan. You can listen to the episode here.

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