Big Hearts, Big State, Big Blessings – FGF Highlights Pasadena, TX

“Hey Ya’ll!”  That was what was painted all cute and crafty on a big burlap bag in my hotel room when I arrived in Pasadena for our last Fresh Grounded Faith of this year. What a way to be welcomed, and what a way to wind up a great seasonI tell you, that bag was bigger than I was, but, what did I expect?  Everything really is bigger in Texas!  That meant the blessings were big, too.


Thank you to Daniel Rivera for the beautiful photos! To see the entire Facebook album, click here. For those of you who joined in the photo booth fun, you can access your photos here.

These dear people had been hit by Hurricane Harvey and many of the local churches and lots of families are still in clean-up mode — or not even in their homes and buildings yet.  So, to see such grace and strength in these women helped me see Jesus more clearly. 

Sheila Walsh brought such warmth, empathy and grace to us. And, Laura Story helped us laugh, cry and worship. Shaun Groves is such an incredible story-teller and he brought his guitar and led us to praise the Author of each of our stories!  Seriously, what a beautiful weekend.

Big blessings at FGF Pasadena, TX!
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 So, our big God did some big things among us! We are praising him for 3 new sisters in Christ – woohoo! Plus, 19 women chose to renew their commitment to the Lord and 30 children were rescued from poverty in Jesus’ name through Compassion International. I was overjoyed to see that 51 women signed up for Bible study! We all need to be in a community of Truth, walking together in God’s Word.  Yeah! 

And, I’ve just got to give a big shout out to Jennifer Phillips and her amazing helpers Christina King and Pam Dishongh for organizing this event so beautifully! An amazing crew of volunteers took care of all the details, too. And First Baptist Church Pasadena and the co-host churches were such gracious hosts. 

And, truly, one of the biggest blessings I experience is working with our entire team here at the ministry. There is no way Fresh Grounded Faith would be what it is without the hard work of each of these beautiful women — and, a few good-looking guys too! 


Well, it’s the season to be thankful, and thankful is exactly how I feel. Thank You, Lord, for calling us to minister your hope and thanks for all of our sisters who minister to us. Thanks for a great year of FGF. We have been so blessed. Amen.


Were you with us in Pasadena? Please share your favorite part of the weekend in the comments below.

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