Toothless in Seattle – FGF Highlights, Port Orchard, WA

Have you ever been to Seattle? Girl, it’s stunning!! We had perfect weather, ate fish and chips on the pier, visited Starbucks’ headquarters, went to Pike Place Market, rode the ferry, and … went to the dentist.

Dentist? Yes.

Thank you to Taylor Tsvyetkov for the beautiful photos! To see the entire Facebook photo album, click here. For those of you who joined in the photo booth fun, you can access your photos here.

Phil and I sat outside Pike Place Market, sipping Starbucks and nibbling on a cinnamon roll. Until one fatal bite changed everything.

My front tooth broke! Yes, the one that everyone at the conference would see when I got on stage to speak at Fresh Grounded Faith!

To summarize my tooth-breaking, heart-wrenching experience in just a few words: Panic. Tears. More panic. More tears. Pain. Fear. More tears. Prayer. And finally, peace.

On Friday, an amazing dentist named Dr. Barbara Karbassi came in on her day off and super glued my tooth and my confidence back together so I could speak that night. What a woman!

And, one of the pastors from Christ the Rock Community Church, where FGF was being held, was there to greet me. He didn’t get a smile from me on the way in because I was pretty self-conscious about the stalagmite hanging from my front gums, but, on the way out, he got a beaming smile of gratefulness!

And, I haven’t stopped smiling since! These people were so kind and compassionate.

I told the Lord on Thursday night, after it happened, that if I couldn’t get the tooth fixed before I spoke, I would be okay with it. Humility is never a bad thing! But, sister, the lisp I had … it sounded like tornado-force winds streaming through the gap in my front teeth every time I tried to speak. So, I am so thankful for Dr. Barbara … she rescued the women from having to see or hear me like that!

But, truly, I don’t think they would have cared. Those women were amazing!

Toothless, but well-provided for at FGF in Port Orchard, WA! [Click to Tweet]

This was our last FGF of the spring and what a memorable and wonderful way to finish up!

Shaun Groves led worship and was so funny and deep and compassionate. The women loved him. Lisa Whelchel told us about grace and shared lots of her Survivor stories—which makes my tooth drama look like a day at the spa.

Our local conference coordinator Jann Castleberry and the 140 volunteers made the event, though. Their energy, love, and hard work were such a testimony of their love for the Lord and the women of Port Orchard. We are so grateful for them and all of our co-host churches.

And, here’s what God did: 1 sister made a decision for Christ, 19 women decided to renew their commitment to Christ, and 75 children were sponsored through Compassion International.

Thank you, Lord, for our time in Port Orchard. Thank You for supplying all our needs through Your people. I will always remember being toothless in Seattle, but grateful for Your provision.

Were you with us in Port Orchard? If so, please share your favorite part of the weekend in the comments below.

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