3 Ways Scripture Guides You

Do me a favor and close your eyes. Now, imagine you have to walk from where you are to your refrigerator without the help of your sight.

How would you feel? If you’re brave, try it. I’ll wait.

It probably wasn’t easy, was it? And, it may have even been dangerous or comical.

The truth is, when you can’t see, life is a whole lot easier if you have a guide—someone to lead you, show you the way, and teach you where to step so you end up in the right place.

Being blind, I need a guide to get me to the right place. But even if you see 20/20 (or good enough), you need a guide, too.

And, sister, the great news is you already have one!

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Just like a shepherd guides his sheep, God guides you so you end up on the right path. All you have to do is trust Him and follow.

But let’s be honest with each other. Sometimes the trusting and following is easier said than done, right?

For us to answer honestly whether we trust Him, we have to ask ourselves bluntly, “Who do I follow? What guides me?”

Who or what we follow is who or what we trust most.

It’s not what we say, it’s what we do that proves who or what we trust.

Recently, I asked myself these questions and made a list of all the things I can potentially follow—or what potentially guides me in life.

Many things I listed are good guides: my pastor, my opinions, my experience … all of those have lots of merit. But, none are worthy of being my only and ultimate guide.

If I only follow my opinion, I could be wrong. If I trust my experience exclusively, it could be incomplete. If I blindly follow my pastor, he could accidentally mislead because he is human. You get the idea.

Do you ever struggle to stay focused as you read God’s Word? Sometimes I do. The 4 C’s of Bible Study is an easy—and I do mean easy—way to help you keep your focus and apply what you read.

So, if we really trust the Lord, He will be our guide in all things, right? But how does that happen in an everyday, real-world sort of way?

It happens as we spend time in the Bible, God’s Word. I could tell you story after story of times in my life when I was unsure of the path to take or which direction to go and God made it clear—you guessed it—through Scripture.

If you’re looking for guidance today (aren’t we all?!), here are three ways God’s Word guides us in our everyday lives.

1. God’s Word Directs Our Steps

Establish my footsteps in Your word… (Psalm 119:133)

When I walk our sweet little dog, Lucy, I guide her. I “cause” her to be led by me.

How do I do that when she is an independent creature with a strong will?

When we read Scripture, we stay connected to Him. [Click to Tweet]

I attach a sparkly leash to her so we are connected. Without it, she may or may not go on the right path—it all depends on the new doggie smells along the way that distract her! But, she is guaranteed to be on the right path when she is connected to me.

The same is true for you and me. When we read God’s Word, we stay connected to Him. He lovingly stays one step ahead to keep us on the right path.

2. God’s Word Illuminates Your Path

Your word is a lamp for my feet,
a light on my path. (Psalm 119:105)

When I was a girl, every summer we visited my grandparents in northern Florida. In the darkness, as we drove to their house, our headlights seemed to be the only lights around. But, once we got closer, we could see a tiny light blinking in the distance—it was Granddaddy’s porch light.

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Sister, God’s Word is like my grandparents’ porch light. It illuminates our path and helps us navigate the dark.

When you aren’t sure if you are on the right path, God’s Word is the light you need to focus on. It is the light that will guide you, assure you, encourage you, and comfort you.

3. God’s Word Makes You Wise

The unfolding of Your words gives light;
It gives understanding to the simple. (Psalm 119:130)

Were you ever in a math class where the teacher worked out some magnificently complicated equation on the board? If you’re like me, you sat in class, trembling with fear, dazed and confused with absolutely no idea what was happening on that chalkboard. It certainly didn’t feel like your teacher was making you smarter in the ways of math!

When we trust God to guide us, we trust His Word to be our GPS.
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Sometimes your path may feel like that math problem. You may feel confused, discouraged, and far from wise. But, just like the teacher held the chalk and was working out the equation in order to help you grow in your math skills, God is increasing your wisdom as He guides you.

One of the primary ways He does this is through His Word. When you read and meditate on it, He gives you understanding and increases your wisdom.

So, my friend, in those moments when you wish you had a map to guide you, you do! And when we trust God to guide us, we trust His Word to be our GPS and to keep us on His right path.

My prayer for you is that you are trusting God’s Word to guide you in your everyday life. And I’m also praying that my Bible study, Psalm 23: The Shepherd With Me (LifeWay, August 2018), will help you further explore how God’s Word can direct your steps.

What is one way God is guiding you with His Word this week? Share in the comments.

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