We Leaned Hard on Christ – FGF Highlights, Shelbyville, KY

I just love when it’s Fresh Grounded Faith season! We kicked off our first event this fall in Shelbyville, Kentucky. What a great weekend full of joy!

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Thank you to Amy Hanlon for the beautiful photos. To see the entire Facebook photo album, click here. For those of you who joined the photo booth fun, you can view your photos here.

The women in Shelbyville were unshakeable! Together, we dropped our gravel strength and leaned hard on the Rock who is Christ—and you can be sure we weren’t disappointed! God did great things!

In fact, we are praising Him for our 3 new sisters in Christ, the 23 women who chose to renew their commitments to Christ, and the 87 children rescued from poverty through Compassion International! God is good!

And, it was wonderful to have Laura Story and Shaun Groves with us again!

We let go of our own strength and leaned hard on Christ at FGF Shelbyville! [Click to Tweet]

As always, Laura brought out all my emotions. I cried while she sang “Blessings” and laughed so hard as she described what it’s like to be a mom of four. Her youngest is only 6 months old, and the little guy joined us this weekend at FGF. He sure loves to eat and wear any food in sight. In fact, he was so covered with dinner that he even got a bath in the church kitchen sink with Dawn Dish Soap!

And Shaun is so much more than a gifted worship leader. He is also insightful when it comes to the Word. We just had a blast spilling the beans together!

Many thanks to our amazing Local Conference Coordinator, Evann Roberts—this girl was on fire! In fact, the pastor, which happened to be her dad, was all in when it came to blessing all the women who passed through the doors. He was setting up tables and breaking down banners and emptying garbage and running errands … well, you get the idea! He and his beautiful wife are real servant leaders.

A big thanks also goes to Shelby Christian Church and our eleven co-host churches. My team and I are so grateful for how they made us feel at home. We didn’t want to say goodbye!

What a great way to kick-off a great FGF season. I love all of my new Kentucky friends!

Were you with us in Shelbyville? Please share your favorite part of the weekend in the comments below.

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