Above and Beyond – FGF Highlights, Shelbyville, KY

The weekend started with high drama before any of us stepped on the stage at Shelby Christian Church. As final preparations were being made for the Fresh Grounded Faith conference, our Local Conference Coordinator, Evann Roberts, got an 8 mm kidney stone and had to have surgery!

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So on Thursday, which was set up day for the conference, Evann went in for the procedure. She was released from the hospital around 11:00 a.m., but that woman is amazing! She and her mom, Kim—the pastor’s wife—picked up lunch for all of the volunteers and stayed at the church the rest of the day until our FGF National Conference Director, Terrie Bitter, left that evening.

FGF Shelbyville was over the top—above and beyond—what we could have even imagined! [Click to Tweet]

Evann didn’t want to miss any part of the conference that she had worked so hard on for the past year. No kidney stone could hold her back! She went way above and beyond!

Then on Saturday morning, right before the conference started, my braille watch decided it had ticked its last tock! Dead. And that’s the only way I know what time it is so I can manage the schedule on stage. My husband Phil set my phone on silent and “do not disturb” so as I was on stage, he could let me know the time by calling my iPhone in my pants! Talk about feeling the buzz of the Spirit! He called to signal me that I had 15 minutes left on my message. I knew it was coming, but the vibration did make me jump!

It was a good solution—way to go, Phil—but what I didn’t know was that Terrie had given my dead watch to Tiffany (the Children’s Minister at the church), and she sped off in her car trying to find a watch repair shop that was open. She came back right at the break with the watch in hand and battery replaced. What a kind woman! She was also the one who helped Terrie setup on Thursday while Evann and her mom were at the hospital. Tiffany went above and beyond!

This is just one more reminder that God provides—ALWAYS! Never be anxious because He is faithful. He will always go above and beyond to meet our needs.

Over the weekend, I taught from the book of Haggai, and I prayed as I began on Friday night with my daddy’s Bible in hand. It’s just a way I honor him as I honor and lean on our Heavenly Father.

Lisa Whelchel did an amazing job sharing truth and stories—and the woman is funny! The ladies loved it! We also got to meet Lisa’s husband Pete, which was really special.

Meredith Andrews has the voice of an angel. There are no words! When I hear her sing, I am always drawn to just bask in the beauty of the presence of the Lord. You truly feel like you are in the heavenlies. What a gift she has been given. And, she brought us the gift of her little girl, Frankie. It was precious to have her on stage with her mom on Saturday.

Lisa and Meredith just plain poured it out for the women of Shelbyville, and God moved in the hearts of those who attended. We celebrated 2 new sisters in Christ, 18 women who chose to renew their commitments to Christ, and 23 children rescued from poverty through Compassion International!

It was over the top—above and beyond—what we could have even imagined!

We’re so grateful to our host church, Shelby Christian Church, and all of our wonderful volunteers and co-host churches for an incredible weekend.

The Lord was with us. He strengthened us. We may have been socially distant, but we were totally spiritually connected. He does go above and beyond what we can ask or imagine because He is so good to us. Thank you, Lord, for blessing us at FGF Shelbyville!


Jennifer and the FGF Team!

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