There’s No Place Like Home – FGF Highlights, Springfield, MO

You know that feeling you get when you’re with family? You belong. You’re safe. You’re accepted and loved.

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Well, that may not all be totally true about how you feel when you’re with family because you may have a tricky, prickly family dynamic. But, it is totally 100% true when you’re with the family of God. And, that’s what it felt like this past weekend at Fresh Grounded Faith Springfield.

Women came from all over to the sanctuary at Second Baptist Church. It became home because a sanctuary is a safe place where everybody is welcomed, sheltered, and loved.

Michael O’Brien led us in worship, and his band gave the whole conference such a fun vibe.

Tammy Trent told her hope-filled, hard story of losing her husband, and there was not one dry eye in that place. Plus, she layered her story with practical truths of how we can make it through any loss and have joy in Jesus.

Angie Smith made us laugh and think as she shared from Scripture. She encouraged us to know the love of God and be rooted and grounded in Him.

There was no place like home at FGF Springfield this past weekend! [Click to Tweet]

I shared with the sisters how to take courage. We talked through four courage builders and ways to take courage when we feel like we’re in exile. We all learned so much!

I guess I should mention, too, that Second Baptist is my home church and partnering with Paula Voris, our Local Conference Coordinator, and the 200 volunteers were the best because I was with my people!

And, our whole JR Team was able to be on the ground here at FGF too. They work so hard behind the scenes for these conferences, so it was extra special to have them there in the mix.

But, you know what really made this “home?”

Yes, I was with my people at my home church. And, yes, the family of God made it home. But most of all, where our Father is, the sisters are home! And Father God was with us this weekend!

He drew 10 women to Himself. He released 27 children from poverty in Jesus’ name. He lifted spirits, gave 33 women fresh starts, and broke chains of shame and hopelessness. Thank You, Lord!

His gospel invites all of us to come home and take our place in His family and heart. We’re so grateful, Lord, that You make a place for us. There really is no place like home.


Jennifer and the FGF Team!

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