Unified Women of God — FGF Highlights, Springfield, IL

Oh girls. What a weekend! These past several weeks have been such a whirlwind, but wow. Last weekend we were in Springfield, IL for Fresh Grounded Faith, and those ladies? So sweet, so unified, so ready to step in and step up and serve and worship. Such a blessing!


I can’t say it enough, and especially after all the election stuff, it was so refreshing to witness these women come together in unity for one purpose.

So thankful for my dear friends Ann Voskamp and Laura Story for joining me… Ann, the incredible way you weave words together to teach and encourage us… it blesses my heart so much. And Laura, you continue to inspire me with your faith and the gifts the Lord has given you… thank you for leading us in worship so well. And Josie? That sweet girl is so much fun! Thank you for sharing her with us.

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Truly, from beginning to end, everything came together just perfectly, and I am just so thankful.


Thank you to Dan and Kathy Long for being our hard-working photographers! To see the entire album on Facebook, click here. And click here for the photo wall pics!

Let me give a huge THANK YOU to Westside Christian Church for hosting us and taking such wonderful care of us, to Local Conference Coordinator Cindy Lash… girl, you rocked! And to the 14 co-host churches who helped us… all of you worked so tirelessly, and we are filled with gratitude.

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We are praising the Lord for the 57 women who made decisions for Christ and the 40 children rescued from poverty through Compassion International, and another sold out event. Thank You, Lord!

Were you with us in Springfield, IL? If so, I’d love to hear from you! Share something the Lord taught you in the comments below.

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