Girl, You Sparkle! How to Look Radiant

He seemed like such a sweet guy, but it got kind of awkward when he came to our table five different times to tell us we glowed.

Yes, glowed. He said we glowed.


He was our server and as he handed us our menus, he paused, cleared his throat and acted like he had just been struck by lightning! “I just have to stop and tell you that you glow. If nobody has ever told you, I am telling you now, you have this glow about you.”

Now, if Moses had been sitting there with us at lunch, the server’s obsession with our glow would have made more sense. (Exodus 34:29-35) But, it was just us! My friend Callen and I giggled but he interrupted and told us he was totally serious.

“Well, thank you, that’s so nice,” was all I said and then we quickly got to ordering our drinks.

He came back with our waters and took our orders and in the process, you guessed it, he raved about how we glowed. “There is just a light around you. I saw it when you walked in.” So, at this point, I told Him “well, if we glow, it is God — He is so good.” He didn’t say anything else and took our menus.

As he walked by our table with a tray of food for another customer, again, he stopped. “I just can’t walk by without stopping to tell you that you glow.”

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Okay, enough. It was starting to feel a little creepy and weird. We just wanted to eat fast and take our glow elsewhere, but the restaurant was crowded and the service was slow so we sat there, sipping water and wishing our glow had a dimmer switch!

Finally, our food came with another awe inspiring description of our “glow.” We ate as fast as we could and paid our bill. The server guy followed us out of the restaurant and said maybe it was our eyes, maybe it was our smiles, but there was just a glow!”

At this point, the guy was spot on — we were glowing. We were sweating and our faces were shiny with perspiration from the sheer stress of lunch! We left the restaurant convinced we were like two little beams of sunshine lighting up the corridors of the Dallas airport!

Later, I told my friend Terrie about our lunch encounter, she gasped and asked, “Was that in the Dallas Airport?”

“Uh, yeah. Why? How did you know that?”

Terrie busted out in laughter and said, “I know what restaurant you ate at! I had the same server! He did that to me too! He said I glowed!”

Oh brother. So much for our glow! This was his scam to get better tips.

But, still he was right. There is a glow about me, and my friend Callen glows too.

I bet you glow too. The server just got the source of our shine wrong.


Here’s why…

Psalm 34:5 says, “Those who look to You are radiant, their faces will never be shamed.”

Those who look to You are radiant. Psalm 34:5 [Click to Tweet]

That means, when we look to God, we get our shine on!

In Hebrew, “Those who look to Him” refers to those who look intently at God. It’s those who find pleasure in His presence — those who just sit and gaze.

When you look to God, you look radiant! [Click to Tweet]

It’s like we gaze upon God’s beauty and some of His radiance rubs off on us. You and I are a reflection of where we spend our time and with whom we spend our time. So, when we spend time in the presence of The Lord in worship; when we look into His Word, the light of His presence and Word shine upon us and then, through us.

We become radiant!

And, guess what it means to be radiant? It means you sparkle! In the original Hebrew, it also means you’re cheerful and dazzling.

We reflect where and with whom we spend our time. [Click to Tweet]
If your world is only fair and partly cloudy today, get into God’s presence. Look intently into His Word and “gaze upon the beauty of the Lord.” (Psalm 27:4)

His Word really is light. (Psalm 119:105)

It is the Light we all need even on our sunniest days. It’s the Light that cuts through the gray gloom and helps us stand up and stand out!

Girl, when you look to Jesus, the Light of the world, you’ll be so radiant that people may need sunglasses just to walk by you!

If your life is fair and partly cloudy, let the Light of God’s Word brighten your day. [Click to Tweet]
Sister, you sparkle. And, I am not just telling you this so you will give me a good tip!

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