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Open up the windows, let the light in
Open up the windows, let the light in
Open up the windows, let the light in
Let the light in, Let the light in

Jo Dee Messina sang that prayer on Saturday, and it caught on! We were all singing it, praying it, and—to be honest—we all experienced it. God opened up the windows of our souls, and His light poured in!

The light of His Word brightened our lives.

Nicole C. Mullen taught from the book of Ruth and reminded all of us that God sees us and redeems us. And, girl, when she sang and signed “Redeemer,” we were all transported!

It was amazing!

Jo Dee also shared her story of salvation, and it blew us away! The way God met her on her front porch and changed her life gave us all hope. And her sincerity, authenticity, humor, and unbelievable talent kept us all hanging on every word she shared and sang.

The testimonies of these two women just resonated with our hearts because we heard over and over again how good our God is. And it’s because He is good that we get to experience His goodness throughout our lives.

Because of Him, we can live the good life!

I taught from the book of Amos, and we learned how humility and faithfulness are the good life. This may not be how the world defines “the good life,” but it’s through our lives that the world can witness God’s goodness!

So we want to be women who carry Christ’s mission—not just consume His message.

Am I right?

Oh, sister! There was such a sweet spirit all weekend, and the women who attended were open, ready to receive and live God’s truth. All God’s girls gathered to learn, laugh, and worship together, and God was glorified in the process!

One truly special moment was when Nicole, Jo Dee, and I sang the worship song, “Let The Light In.” The unity of song was simply beautiful, and it was such a perfect picture of the unity of hearts this weekend.

I’m incredibly grateful I got to partner with such amazing women, Nicole and Jo Dee. And, I’m forever grateful to have the privilege of serving up some fresh, grounded encouragement in the town I call home, hosted at the church I call home.

I’m so very blessed by the great ministry staff at Second Baptist Church, including Paula Voris, our Local Conference Coordinator for the event who is also my very dear friend!

With several co-host churches and lots of faithful volunteers linking arms together, our prayer and purpose leading up to the weekend was to minister to the hearts of women in the area.

And God was faithful in working through this ministry! We celebrated 4 new sisters in Christ, 33 women who chose to renew their commitments to Christ, and 60 children rescued from poverty through Compassion International! Praise the Lord!

Having this event in my hometown made this weekend really personal, and it helped me to experience firsthand that we really can live the good life.

We can live faithful. We can live humble. And we can live assured.

And do you know why? Because God is good, and He has called us out of the darkness and into His marvelous light! (1 Peter 2:9)

God let the light in at Fresh Grounded Faith Springfield, and now it is time to let that light out. So shine, shine, shine, my sisters!

Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:16)


Jennifer and the FGF Team!

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