Grace Was Full of Grace – FGF Highlights, St. Louis, MO

Oh, girl, there are just some places that make you say, “Now this place is special!” Do you know what I mean? There’s something different about it, and you can just feel it!

FGF St. Louis

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You feel the grace. You feel the love. You feel like you’ve walked into a place where God is welcome and His presence is apparent in each person’s heart.

Well, that’s exactly what I felt at Grace Church this weekend as they hosted Fresh Grounded Faith St. Louis.

I discovered what was different—what was special—was the people. Grace was full of grace because the women there were full of God!

Grace Church partnered with several co-host churches in the area, and all of the women who came together to plan the event just overflowed with the fruit of the Spirit.

Kindness. Love. Faithfulness. Joy. All of it, sister!

And they also made it so … much … FUN!

Patti Clardy became a Local Conference Coordinator like no other when she began the volunteer meet and greet with a cheer (which included pom-poms, by the way) and a rap!

That’s right! All the volunteers rapped together, and yes, even I joined in! I’m not saying I was any good, but there’s no way I was going to miss out on the fun with my fellow sisters!

It was a rap about Jesus being our hope, and with Him as our hope, we can get our hopes up. Yeah … I can get down with that! And so, I did!

The cheer and rap were brilliant! They gave us many smiles, much laughter, and lots of joy as we prepared our hearts for a weekend of celebrating who God is … and who we are in Him.

Cheer on, my St. Louis sisters, because He is worthy of our cheers, praise, and raps!

And this all took place even before the conference began! Our laughter and praise continued throughout the weekend as messages of encouragement were shared.

Karen Abercrombie made us laugh as she told her story, and she encouraged us to wait on the Lord. Plus, her drama on Rahab was over-the-top amazing! She brought the account of Rahab to life and helped us see the depths of grace in Rahab’s story.

Then there’s Ann Voskamp. That woman makes words sing and dance so beautifully. I always learn so much from her, and this weekend was no exception. She went through the Red Sea account in Exodus and taught us how to be women who are still, attentive, and devoted to God. If you were there, you know it was so, so good.

Michael O’Brien filled that sanctuary and our hearts with songs of praise. We loved his music and leading of worship, and it was a true celebration of our mighty God.

And then—deep breath, there’s more—Shaun Groves blew us away with his amazing story about meeting Elliot in Kenya. We all gave glory to God who cares for each one of us!

He sees us. He cares for us. He loves us. And that includes you too, my friend!

I unpacked Philippians 4:13 and invited us all, including myself, to be “She Can” women who trust, hope, and soar! And that’s exactly what we did! We soared on the wings of grace.

It was a beautiful time of fellowship and unity, and we got to see God do wonderful things! We celebrated 1 new sister in Christ, 36 women who chose to renew their commitment to the Lord, and 52 children sponsored through Compassion International. Praise the Lord!

God’s grace is sufficient and abundant, and it overflowed from the hearts of His people this weekend. My heart is full and very thankful!

Grace, grace, grace. That’s all I can say!

As you walk daily with Him, may you be a “She Can” woman, full of grace and truth.


Jennifer and the FGF Team!

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