Gutsy Girls – FGF Highlights, Lincoln Park, NJ

This past weekend I was in the diner capital of the world. Do you know where that is?

Well, they’re famous for their tomatoes and they have more race horses than the state of Kentucky. Still don’t know where I was?

Okay, another hint or two… This state is the world leader in blueberry and cranberry production – and my oatmeal thanks them very much! It’s the home of “Lucy The Elephant” and the Statue of Liberty has her feet planted in this state’s waters….

New Jersey!

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Click here for the complete photo album. Thank you, Walter Windish, for the wonderful photos!

Lincoln Park, New Jersey is where I was this past weekend for a Fresh Grounded Faith Conference. And, girl, it was sweet! No wonder since the first salt water taffy came from the Jersey shore in the 1870’s and New Jersey is the place Milton Hershey learned to make chocolate in Morristown before he returned to Pennsylvania.

But, the sweetest part was being with those Jersey girls! They were so full of life and energy and… uh, opinions! Yep, I told them one of the things I loved about NJ women was that you don’t have to wonder what they’re thinking! They tell you! They tell you without you even having to ask… they just assume you want to know their opinions… on everything… and I mean, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!! Oh, I’m kidding a little bit! I really, really loved how honest and real they were. In fact, we all loved those Jersey girls. Stormie Omartian and Michael O’Brien had such fun with them and can’t wait to go back for another cup of Fresh Grounded Faith.

Gutsy Girls – FGF Highlights, Lincoln Park, NJ
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During the weekend, 7 women put their trust in Christ and are now our sisters in Christ. Hallelujah! And, 57 children were rescued from poverty in Jesus Name through Compassion International. Thank You, Jesus!

Giant thanks goes to Jacksonville Chapel in Lincoln Park for hosting the event and a big shout out to the 5 co-host churches and the 111 volunteers who made this kingdom-minded conference come to life! Dana Robb and Karen Capalbo were the conference Co-Coordinators and those sisters rocked it! And, Dana is in the midst of Cancer treatments — even had some the day before the conference — and she was right there doing her thing with radiance and an unstoppable positive attitude. Please pray for Dana and all the sisters fighting cancer. The Lord is our Healer.

Well, in one of my messages, I reminded the Jersey girls that they were valiant women who can go gutsy even when they want to go hide. And, I say the same to you dear sisters as I finish up this blog — you are a valiant woman! Keep trusting God, and even if you feel you want to go hide, go gutsy instead!

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