How Sweet It Is- Fresh Grounded Faith Highlights, Belleville, IL

I was just in one of the sweetest places on the planet!  And, I don’t say that just because of the 1000 women I met in Belleville, Illinois this past weekend.  I also say this because Belleville is where, in 1869, a certain candy was born.  Guess which one? Here is probably the only hint you need: President Ronald Reagan loved this itty-bitty burst of sweetness. Yep, you got it…Jelly Bellies! Jelly Belly jelly beans were invented in Belleville, Illinois by a young candy maker named Gustav Goelitz over one hundred years ago.

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Click here for the complete album on my Facebook page. Thank you to Clair Alynn and Mandi Gummels for the beautiful photos!

But, here are the real reasons our time in Belleville was so sweet:

5 women received Christ this weekend!  That is five more souls that we will hang out in heaven with! Yes! Thank You Jesus!

And, there were over 20 women who renewed their commitment to Christ — they got a fresh start with Jesus!

There are 5 dear women who said they had more questions so please pray for them. And another almost 20 women asked for someone to reach out to them because they want to be connected with other Christian women.

And, the Bible Study Connection center had lots of women sign up to start Bible Study after Fresh Grounded Faith ended.

How Sweet It Is- Fresh Grounded Faith Highlights, Belleville, IL
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Wow. Thank You Lord for bringing your children together! And thank you St. Matthew United Methodist Church and the wonderful co-host churches for making it truly a wonderful weekend.

These beautiful Belleville women sponsored 30 kids through Compassion International — that’s 30 children rescued from poverty in Jesus Name!

Okay, last thing: This was the first time for the one and only Liz Curtis Higgs  to join us for a Fresh Grounded Faith and, let’s just say that funny woman certainly added to the “fresh” part of the weekend. She had us in stitches and wishing those of who needed them were wearing Depends!

But, she also added so much to the “grounded” part of the weekend. Her teaching on Leah was powerful and insightful. I am so so grateful Liz was with us. The women loved her and so do I.

Of course, Michael O’Brien just rocks the house. He is always so well-received by the women at Fresh Grounded Faith. I love my brother in Christ!

What a wonderful, fabulous, beautiful weekend!

Check out the pictures and share them with your friends.  And, if you were there, let me know what your fave part of the weekend was!

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