Calling All Grown Up Women of God: Let’s Speak Into the Next Generation

If you could rewind and live out your teen years all over again, would you?!  Sure, they may have been fun, but they also carried a whole lot of insecurity, didn’t they?


“I wonder if I’m pretty?”   “Am I popular?”  “Do they like me?” 

“Do I look stupid?”   “Will boys want to date me?”

Do you remember those thoughts, fears, and emotions of adolescence?

If we, as grown up women, can look back and remember how painful some of the teen years were because of our insecurities and heightened self-awareness, oh sister, how much harder must it be for our daughters, grand-daughters, nieces, and young friends.

Calling all grown up women of God! Let’s speak truth to our little sisters.
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When we were in middle and high school, we didn’t have Instagram letting us know that we had been excluded from our group of friends. We didn’t have Facebook to show us how cute we aren’t and how attractive and popular our friends are!

We didn’t have Snapchat to remind us how we just aren’t that clever, popular, or liked. We didn’t have Twitter to tell us our lives are boring or ordinary or uneventful compared to every other teenager, and of course, every celebrity in the whole wide world.

We didn’t determine our self-worth by photo-shopped pictures online and we didn’t view our value through the highly-filtered social media lens.

Sure, we had normal teen insecurities, but what we felt has been multiplied by a bazillion for teen girls today.

In a survey conducted by author and researcher Shaunti Feldhahn in her book For Young Men Only, when it comes to insecurities, of all the girls she surveyed, only 9.5% of those girls said they didn’t deal with at least one kind of insecurity.

75%  of teenage girls questioned whether they were liked.

72% of teenage girls questioned how they looked.

58% of teenage girls questioned whether who they were was unique or special enough.

Every grownup reading this has felt those feelings of insecurity that come along with adolescence, but, today, insecurity is on steroids due to social media.

The pressure on teen girls is enormous and the potential for them to feel invisible is huge.

Insecurity is on steroids thx 2 social media. Identity in Christ is the solution thx 2 Jesus.
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That’s why I wrote Invisible for Young Women.  I want to prevent in young women’s lives what I am trying to fix in grown-up women’s lives — heck, in my own life!!

Teen girls need to know who they are!

They are loved, accepted and complete in Christ!

Their value isn’t in the number of likes on Facebook or the size of their jeans. They don’t need to look into a boy’s eyes to see who they are and how unique and valued they are!

God has given teen girls a beautiful identity that Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter can’t even touch!

God has given teen girls a beautiful identity that Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter can’t even touch!
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We, as the grownup women of God, can rise up and speak truth into the lives of these beautiful young women!

If there is a young woman in your life who needs to know or be reminded that she is God’s beloved, you can give Invisible for Young Women to her to let her know that you understand how she feels.

It can be a tangible way to tell her you get it and she isn’t alone, even though she may feel overlooked, undervalued and invisible. God sees her and you see her and He wants her to know she is loved, accepted and complete live online blackjack. The book will give her practical strategies to apply when she feels insecure and invisible.

Oh sisters, let’s be the voice of God into our little sisters’ lives. They need to hear the voice of truth louder than the negative voices that yell at them every day that they aren’t good enough, cute enough, or liked enough.

Let’s help our little sisters see their significance in God rather than seek it from others.

Let’s help them find love, acceptance and completeness in Christ rather than in the culture.

And, let’s be grownup women of God who help our little sisters learn how to base who they are on how God feels about them rather than how they may feel about themselves.

Rather than passing down a legacy of low self-esteem to our daughters and granddaughters and the younger women in our lives, let’s be grown up women of God who find our identity in Christ and pass on a legacy of living loved!

Let’s be grownup women of God who find our security in Christ and pass on a legacy of living loved!
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Okay, last thing:  I know we grownups can still struggle with identity crisis and insecurity (I still do sometimes) so if you need to understand more fully that you are not how you feel, check out Invisible written for women.  And, then, grab a copy of Invisible for Young Women for a teen (12-17) in your life.  You can go through and grow through the books together!!

Lord, I pray for the beautiful young women whom You created and love so deeply. Help them to see who they are in Your eyes and find their security in Your unconditional love. Help us, the grownup women whom You created and love, to be Your voice of truth in their lives. We stand tall for You as we fall on our knees asking You for wisdom, protection, and clarity.  Thank You for Your unconditional, unfailing, undeserved, unfathomable love for each of us — your grateful daughters.  Amen.

In the comments below, pray for a young woman in your life. Let’s lift these precious young women to God together. As you read others comments, pray for the young woman mentioned and “like” the comment as your own “Amen!”

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