Show Me How to Rise Above [FGF Highlights]

My cup runneth over!


To view all of the pictures from FGF-Springfield, check out the photo album on my Facebook page. You can also view pictures from the FGF Photo Booth.

No, not my coffee cup… my cup of Fresh Grounded Faith!

Over 2,200 women came to Second Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri for Fresh Grounded Faith. And, even though this was our seventh FGF here in Springfield, it was fresh!

We learned to rise above stress, self, and shame.

And, oh man… God lifted us higher than I ever could have imagined!

Christopher Duffley sang Open the Eyes of My Heart and not a woman there had dry eyes. Then, he sang Lean on Me and everyone was on their feet! Christopher is a living example of how God makes us rise above. If you’ve never seen this blind, autistic YouTube sensation, check him out here.

About 20 women totally lived out the message of the weekend as they shared with us their cardboard testimonies of what God has lifted them from. We’re talking about adultery, drug addiction, eating disorders… it was incredibly humbling and inspiring. I was so proud of our sisters -many of whom were from CORE!

We ended the weekend with all 2,200 of us writing our own cardboard testimonies.

I know God set some sisters free in Springfield!

2200 Women and Kirk Cameron Rise Above
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And, I won’t even go into how amazing Michael O’Brien and Kirk Cameron were… two awesome men of God almost blessed the estrogen right out of us!

If you were not there, I thought I would give you some sound bites from the messages:

  • To rise above, say, “I will not fear, God is near.”
  • When I trust, I triumph. When I don’t, I’m defeated.
  • To have abundant life, we abandon our life.
  • Jesus’ hands could hold rocks of condemnation, instead they held nails of compassion.
  • To rise above self, we don’t think less of ourselves, we just think of ourselves less.

Now… wanna know some fun numbers?

  • 6,995 diaper wipes and 14,494 diapers were collected for the Pregnancy Care Center.
  • 13 Co-Host Churches and 200+ Volunteers brought this kingdom-minded event to southwest Missouri.
  • 123 children were released from poverty through Compassion International in Jesus’s name!
  • 4 women put their faith in Christ for the first time and are living a new beautiful life!

My cup of Fresh Grounded Faith is full and spilling over!

The Lord is good and we are so, so, grateful!

If you’ve never shared some Fresh Grounded Faith with us, please, please, please come sometime!! I bet we’ll be in a city near you next year and it will be more fun when you show up!

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Question: What do you need to rise above today?


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